Separatist Space, III

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Oh, right, duh. Thanks, CR.


"We have many troop carriers that will hold ten thousand troops each. I can spare two with this fiasco. I apologize but we must keep the rest filled with troops when our enemy rears its ugly head out of the shadows." Ulna said with sympathy dripping from each word.
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IC: Kit makes her way to deck three and takes the same room. She goes here so she can clear her mind and even see how well the lorian computers can recreate a Xel'naga.
Allysa wanders the halls in the Industrial Area, keeping her eyes out for targets that would do something they might regret. She glances around, and notices that a man in a suit, well-dressed and stealthy, following her. She doesn't say anything, but walks over to a window out to space to see the ships, and leans on the railing. The man approaches her, and leans on the railing as well. He speaks, his voice well-balanced and posh.
"We welcome you to the Station, ma'am."
"Everything in place?" She asks.
"Yes, everything is ready on our end. Are you sure these devices will help make sure our agents won't be targeted?" The man asks.
"Yes, I'm sure. They emit a signal like an IFF, should say you are an ally." She replies, not a doubt in her voice.
"And we'll be free to loot while you do your distraction?" He asks, and Allysa smiles.
"Of course. If all goes well, they will be none the wiser on who actually did it, thinking that those......'Imperials' opened the portals, and their videos will prove stress this."
The man nods, and walks off. Allysa stares out for a bit more, then walks away.
I'll tell you when to pull the trigger. That moment... is rapidly approaching... MWAHAHAHAHA!

Just clarifying, the Kalavaris are the ones attacking. But the Kalav. joined the Black Peace...
Alida rode in her small craft, all alone, but being okay with that. She didn't mind company, but she didn't need it either, she was still grieving somewhat, but rapidly approaching the station on which the council would be.

OOC: Jester, I hate to give things away, but is it alright if she gets captured by your people? I thought that might make things...interesting. But no killing.
My people... His people... they're pretty interchangeable now. Im fine with that. Make her find something out, (With my approval please) then the Black Peace would be forced to take her into custody.
OOC: I meant she would run into the fleet as it's about to begin invading, and get captured then.
Oh, so you specifically meant his people, the Kalavaris. That's up to him.
Laura and I were out and about the mall area of the station, seeing what there was to eat and such. "What about that Taco Bell place? I'm sure they have a replica or something here." I shrug and we start looking.
Laura has a meeting that she is missing.
The Character sheet should be completely up to date. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

My bad for double post, I made it on another page and forgot I was the last poster :S
"My friends, I have troubling news. An ancient machine of some sort was activated on an Imperial planet. It attacked the group that was sent to investigate its appearance and stole an Imperial skiff. Naturally of course the warship the craft originated from tracked the skiff, and its course indicated it was coming here. In fact, they say the ship's signal is in the same system as this station, meaning the thief could be here now. I suggest scanning all craft that come into contact and disabling the stolen craft immediately should it be detected."

He looks around.

"Now, I must see to something.."

He leaves the room... looking for Aurora.
Sick again... It's TMI though...

IC: Aer had left the room next, before he left he decided to say one more thing. "And if they get out of hand once they arrive here... Don't kill any of them or they will tear your throats out."


I was moving fast with anger and sadness, the feeling not leaving and bring pain in my chest. My scales losing their color due to my sudden change in emotions, like they always had.
Kor'Tyrgone looked in the direction of Aurora's flight. His keen antennae showed him where she had fled. To follow, or not?

He followed. The Imperium was more important than his own discomfort.
I turned a corner, tasting the air with my forked tongue... Nobody else was around now, no security cameras from what I could've seen. A cold sorrow sweeping over me with such a force.
My tail hitting the wall at times of anger, my fists tensing at the pain. Tears running down my delicate looking scales.
Arriving at the proper docking station, I watch as Aradia pulls into the slip;
...such a sleek ship... and damned expensive too... I never did find out where she got the thing from anyway... probably for the best...

Settling into the docking buffers, the airlocks connect and cycle open. Alicia steps through the airlock and into the station, wearing her armor, a plasma pistol on her left leg and a auto pistol on her right. Quickly, her eyes settle on me;
"Stefan! Good to see you.. It's been way too long."
I nod;
"So it has."
Stepping up to me, Alicia sighs;
"To business then?"
"Agreed. We should get the logistics squared away so you can stop making these poor people so nervous."
I say, gesturing to the rest of the 'fleet', all of them floating about 100 meters from their docks.
Tyrgone looks around, then smiles and nods to himself... then deliberately takes the wrong passage.

He spent the first ten years of his life on a Kaenr reserve. He knows how to hunt.
The claws weren't the sharpest, nor did they need to be... Stroking them against the walls, I pushed harder until it made a screeching sound against it. I didn't care at this point, I was angered, I was crying, I would never see them again.

"What do I do..." Crying with a sore voice. "...On top of that, I'm not an ambassador anymore... I don't want to do what I have to do now either... I-I should kill myself..."
Do you mind if Alicia and Stefan run into Aurora? (That is the one who's super depressed, bordering suicidal, right?)
Sure, why the hell not.
I'm game.
That video? I was just bored.

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