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*Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer created his own Reindeer Chocolate for the cats and the cats ate it... They died a painful death... Ze End*
I stare at the hysterical Mecha. He was hallucinating. "Not again. And the Orks are stupid. They are just natural mechanics with machines that only work because they believe they work. And it was the Ork's ancestors, monkeys who are amazing with technology, and the Eldar who defeated the C'tan and Necron's, kind of, in a way. But now the whole universe is screwed again, the C'tan and Necron's are waking up and the Tyranids came.

"Mecha, the cats cannot kill Orks. Ork WAAAGH's are damn near impossible to defeat. And has anyone noticed that Ork's never use the letter 'C'?"
I kick yet another kitten, and as it falls to it's death, the children realize there's no such thing as happiness, and so all the Christmas cheer went away and the cats were obliterated.
Have the entire Ork WAAAGH! versus an Leviathan Fleet, Mecha. Orks would beat them and the Tryanids are nasty themselves.
I come up out of the storage facility and look around. "Alright, who broke Bar Code 54 bravo? No Christmas cats."
"It will suck for the Warhammer 40k universe if the Tyranids defeat the Orks. Then it will just mean destruction for all. Zarkun, you understand Mecha will always break Bar Code 54. 'No Cats allowed to be summoned by MechaGhidrah', if I read it correctly."
"That was Bar Code 68 Delta. So," I punt Mecha to the moon again, "I'll just do that."
Fifty Gravity Bombs go off on the Moon as soon as Mecha lands on it. I take a picture, print it, and hang it on the wall. "Ah, to fun times." I take a drink of Mar Sara Black.
"Tyranids v.s Necron: Battle of the Universe."
12/23/2012 06:51 PMPosted by Jester
"Tyranids v.s Necron: Battle of the Universe."
And the entire WAAAAGHS! of the Universe as well.
12/23/2012 06:55 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
"Tyranids v.s Necron: Battle of the Universe."
And the entire WAAAAGHS! of the Universe as well.

No competition. All the forces and factions united under the banners of their race, the Orks are just too numerous and reproduce too fast to be stopped.
"It's a good thing Orks are fine with killing each other, otherwise the entire Universe would be populated by green brutes that reproduce asexually."
Damn my RP is doing extremely well WOOT WOOT
"They have a way to beat the Orks, the Space Marines anyways, but they refuse to do it."
"Actually if all the Ork's united, no one would be able to stop them. Not even an alliance between the Space Marine's, Eldar, and Tau Empire."
Tyranids could. They are so insanely !@#$ing god damn OP they would just OMNOMNOMNOMNOM the Orks even if it was all Orks vs All TYranids which would actually give the Tyranids an advanage considering they have over 4 galaxy's worth of troops.
Mecha, if all Orks were united, they also reproduce extremely fast... The Orks would slowly win the battle through more numbers.
"It's true. Orks would be unstoppable if they united. That's how the Kroks defeated the Necron and C'tan. They were united with three other races."
No asking what the Space Marine's secret weapon is? Wow...
If I can spell it... The Exteriminatus... Lots and lots of heavy conventional weapons and etc... Purging complete worlds of Heretics and Xenos. But you are forgetting though, if they had something like that and they already tried that on an Ork infested world... It must have not done !@#$.
"The Exterminus or something. I already saw that. It's the only way to truly keep Orks from breeding and attacking."

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