Peoples and Politics Part 2

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I looked at Gordon, and the look in my eyes said 'I disagree'. I keep my mouth shut, and glance back at Joey. "Exectis system." I say simply.
"That's quite the journey...I'm willing to make it though."
I chuckle, and say "Well, expect to be hung from a rope, or burned alive. Depends on the mood they're in. Probably the burning alive."
I chuckle. "I'm not too concerned...however, I'm going to need a larger ship to transport me to the edge of one of the systems closer to them. It'll make the trip faster."
"By all means, old friend...make the journey if you think you'll make it there and back alive somehow."
I look at Joey for a moment, lean back in my seat, and say "Ah, hell. I wanted to meet them sometime. I'll go with you on the Envoy."
"I trust I will. However, we still have the issue of buying me time in that case. Those things won't hold off forever." I look at the Outcast leader. "And in that case, I'll need to know the name of the man I'm working with."
"Tratos of the Outcasts." I stand up, and ask "And you would be.....?"
"Joey Carta, second generation Zeus, first generation Berserker." What I hadn't shared is that prior to the completion of my new armor I'd done some more enhancements to myself, adding only slightly to what was already there. Now I was a force to be reckoned with.
"I see." I reply, not knowing what he was referring to, but that wasn't important.
"I would like to accompany you two as well, Kenji Omagai."
I can't take it anymore. This silence. People still didn't believe these things exist?

I tell my story. (Too lazy to tyoe it all out.)

As I finish, I lay back.

"Deny it after that." I smirk.

"I'm coming."
OOC: Wat? What story? Lol...we can't respond to it unless we know what it is.
Edit: Oh, I guess your backstory? Well okay, I guess.

IC: "Great, so now this whole council's going on a wild goose as you see fit, but if you die, it is no fault of mine."
"Way to be a leader..." I say sarcastically
I shake my head. "You have a nation to lead. So no. You aren't. If it wasn't for the fact that Tratos was a warrior, I'd insist I go alone."
Jester.....I can do something interesting that involves my research facility?

IC: "I'm sorry for bringing this back up... But can't we truly just use a simple memory scanner to find memories that relates to everything to see if he is right? I just felt like bringing this out for I didn't hear a peep about it from anyone." I fixed my tie as it was annoying me. "But I shall not go with the lot of you, for I need to prepare the defenses just in case an attack happens.... We are also developing an AI to take control of the Defense Platform in orbit around our planet."
OCC: Don't know why your asking me.

I ignore Gordon, and say "I have people in place to lead my nation whenever I lead my forces to war."
Whoops... I meant Dacder.
OOC: CR, yes you may.

IC: "I suppose I cannot force you to stay, but I do believe what you're doing is foolish."
I give Gordon a look. "If you have a better idea then, by all means, please, do share with us. The best thing to do when fighting your enemy is to learn more about them. The more you know, the better off you'll be."

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