Unable to enter public lobby for Aiur Chef.

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When attempting to join a game of Aiur Chef from the custom games menu, the UI goes into a "Searching for Players" mode, similar to a random matching for ladder games.

I am not put into a lobby, and as such there is no option to start a game earlier, with less players. There is also no indication of other players searching for the game, so I have never managed to start a public game of Aiur Chef, I assume because there are never 8 players willing to sit there and wait with no visual indication of anything happening.


Because each team is an individual player in Aiur Chef, it is impossible to join (or create a private game) as a party. Since this is currently the only way to play a game of Aiur Chef, it is slightly annoying. The only workaround is to create a private game alone, and then individually add players to the map.


Possibly related:

Yesterday, after waiting and failing to join a public game of Aiur Chef, I was unable to create a private game or to join a ladder game. I received the message "Unable to perform this action while searching for a game."

I had no indication in the typical game search area that a search was ongoing, especially since I had just cancelled an Aiur Chef search. I had to restart Starcraft 2 to fix the error.
This still hasn't been fixed? I just tried it myself and I too can't join into any Aiur Chef game.
Me neither :(
The original post stated Custom Game menu, but Aiur Chef is now an Arcade map, and thus you should be placed in a queue when joining from the Arcade, with the lobby-search indicator at the top of your screen, and will require enough other players for a full game.

Please let me know if what I've described is NOT what you are experiencing, and we can continue to investigate the issue.

Well, i'm trying to get the Arcade achievements ...
When wanting to start "Aiur Chef" i discovered it was nowhere to be found..
Not in Arcade or in Custom Games.. i am on EU servers but that shouldn't matter.
The same is true for StarJeweled, only mods of this map made by other people can be found, but the original Blizzard published map which i need for my achievements is not to be found..

Blizzard, where are these Arcade games?? I'd like to get those achievements now! :P
Same here. It doesn't make too much sense to have achievements that cannot be unlocked. :0

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