Fade: The Rise

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Leaping off the roof, I slip around the guards to the inn, and stealthily barricade the door. I then head upstairs. "We need to go."
"Why?" I ask, turning to him.
"The guards are looking for our friend here. If they catch her, she'll never make it home, much less out of the city."
I look at the girl.

"Come on, we need to go."

I then turn to Jason, "And I'm going too."
"I'd be insulted if you didn't." Carefully moving Arcis onto my shoulders and then pick up my gear. "We'll need to move quickly."
I take my bow from under my bed, and check to make sure my armor is still on correctly. Having done this, I stand up.

"Let's go."
Tyson sees the guards moving towards the inn. He smiles. The arrow flies loose and as it impacts a roof of another building the building explodes into flames. Of course Tyson made sure it was empty before he set it aflame, to avoid unwanted casualties.
Wouldn't Arcis fall off your shoulders after enough running? Since she is sleeping?

IC: Just as I went to object, I heard a noise outside, almost like an explosive, that was when the smell of smoke touched my nostrils. "I believe our friend caused that." Running back to my room, I grabbed my one bag that I needed and pried open the window with the help of my dagger. Once it was opened I stepped out of the window and gripped onto the panel as I jumped down, slowly making my descent carefully against the wall of the building.
OOC: yes but im about to make it so that wont happen

IC: I shift in my sleep wrapping my tail around Jason's shoulder and bracing myself on his other shoulder with my claws.
I look out our window and see the guards approaching the door. "Sahna, go with her. I'll cover you from the rooftops."
I chase after her, and reaching the window begin climbing down behind her, slightly faster than how fast she was going.

"We need to hurry!" I call out quietly.
I go out our window, climbing to the roof swiftly and watching the guards struggle with to get it open. The Owner was probably confused as hell by now. How you feeling, Arcis?
That was when a guard came out of an alley way and picked me up and threw me against the wall, with a snarl he put his blade against my throat. I was terrified, not knowing that the Phos was near us.

OOC: Don't... Kill him.... If any thing... Grapple with him...
I can drop a crate on his head. He'll live with one hell of a headache.
I quickly run towards her, jumping down the last few feet. I didn't have time to shoot the man, so I surround his knife in a bubble-shield, before throwing it some thirty feet away, following this, I move quickly towards the man assaulting the friend I barely even knew.
That was when a shield of Es energy appeared over his side, he wasn't a normal guard. He smiled and lifted up his visor. "Darlin' you sure know how to make friends?"

I punched his shoulder, it wasn't amusing at all. "Matthew! That wasn't funny at all!"

The man looked at the Phos with pity. "Some interesting friends indeed."
As I look at this odd turn of events, I stop myself from slamming into him.

"You...know each other?" I ask, puzzled but still in a combat stance.
I wake up and look around. I need to sleep more but do you need me for anything? i say/ask sleepiness still permeating my thoughts.
I refrain from dropping a crate on the mans head anyways. That wasn't something he should be doing. "Get moving, you two! The guards just got through the front door!" They'd split into two groups, with half investigating the explosion and the others chasing our friend who's name I still didn't know. No, rest. If I do, I'll tell you.
Matthew was whispering a sweet poem in my ear, my eyes were feeling heavy and he caught me in his arms as I fell asleep. "I have this from here... I don't know who you two are, but I can get her out of her with ease. Just need to switch to my other disguise and take the wagon out of here along with Gailye and Vyra."

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