Fade: The Rise

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Ok ..... I drift back into sleep.
"Not happening, lad. Panic is everywhere and she's known to be here. They'll search every wagon leaving the city, might even use their Es users to locate secret areas."
"I...don't know who you are, I'd prefer to stay with you two." I say, in a kind of confused and cautious voice. I didn't know who this stranger was, nor did I have any reason to trust him.
Matthew smiled real wide. A grin was on his face as well. "I can hide an Es signature, and she wont be in no secret compartment. The grain, the fruits, and the vegetables should hide her well. Plus... I managed to 'borrow' a special permit that allows me to leave right at the front gate without trouble."
"I don't doubt your ability to get her out...I...just want to make sure that you yourself don't hurt her."
CR, that's unrealistic now that her presence is known. Permits won't stop them

IC: "They won't care. There's a fugitive attempting to escape the city. They'll search everything."
He was bluffing.

IC: "I was bluffing of course, but you shouldn't underestimate someone who you have never met before... I could just as easily fake her death as well and take her home in a body casket." Looking at the Phos. "Be my guest, but once we're out of the city, you split."
"If you get out. Front gate is still fairly clogged and only volunteers for the investigation are getting out at the east. Up for a little bit of acting?" The guards were still trying to get in the front door. "Move, we can talk as we run."
"And who's to say you won't try something once we're out of the city?" I ask with an angry sort of face, I didn't like the feeling this man was giving off, that was certain.
Matthew gave the two of them a single to shut their pie holes. Approaching a crate he pried it open with his spare hand and knife, revealing an extra set of clothes... A disguise. Looking back and forth he made sure there were no guards for what he was going to do next. He undressed me and put the new clothes on me, that would turn the game around. Tossing the old clothes and my bag to the Phos. "Put those in there, I'll have her against me so it will seem to them that we are a couple and that she is just tired... You don't have to trust me, but she knows me and we need to return home. But unfortunately, we can't allow just any outsider to follow us, because we don't know if we can trust them."

That was when they noticed that he was marked as well.
"You...you're marked as well." I do as he asks.

"Well...let's just get out of the city, then worry about these things."
Matthew gave a short nod, then walked with my body walking with his. I had some kind of robe on with a hood. Pulling out some white paste, Matthew smeared it over the mark, making it less visible to all. "That should work as a temporary fix until we get back home... And yes, I am marked." His mouth was next to my ear. "Time to die darlin'." As he formulated his next play, the tragic death of I... Well, that was over exaggerated.
I moved along the rooftops, watching as an Es using guard finally blasted the door open. "I hope your idea works. They just blasted the front door in."
"No time to contemplate further, let's move!"
Matthew was being calm as he swiftly walked near a crowd. "Phos... Be calm and try to keep up. The guards wont find us in this crowd." Walking diligently towards their destination, a wagon near the north side of town, along with there being two horses there.
I leap across the rooftops, and notice guards flashing her picture in the crowd. "Heads up, hide her face. They have pictures of her."
Since Matthew couldn't hear him in the crowded crowd, and didn't even bother, that man would blow his cover... Yelling out at them while anyone, and everyone could listen. The robes already had a hood on it.
"Idiot." I look down the alley way we'd just come down and see the guards, so I push a pile of crates in their way. "That should buy us some time..." I leap down the other side of the building, kneeling as I land and then moving out. Stupid, crazy...they'll make him move her hood...idiot....
I follow Matthew through the crowd. Keeping up with him whilst staying little...no need to attract attention by showing off my "difference" to nearly everyone else.
They had made it to the wagon, almost like a carriage in design. SO rustic but homey looking. With a canvas tarp over it and the two horses. The male was Gailye, and the female was Vrya. "Phos... I'll make you a deal, you make sure that gate stays open, and you jump into the carriage. I'll then drop you off at a nearby town."

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