Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Do you prefer Sci-fi Fantasy or Medieval Fantasy, Morrjo?"
I sigh, my head propped up by my hands.

Typical. A new videogame.

"At least you got something like that. I just got clothes!" I complain.

"But hey. At least I got to spend some time with the folks. That's the most important point, right? If I want something nice, I have to either acquire it myself, or hack it up." I paw at my throat a bit, before taking another swig from my hipflask, and firing up the Temporal Soliton shield on low.

"Probably Science. My mind's designed to comprehend objects in upwards of eight or nine dimensions, and I love thinking and applying a variety of concepts." I frown. "Besides, the words "A Witch did It" just annoy the heck out of me sometimes."
I punt a random bystander into a moving vehicle, then toss another vehicle into the one I had punted someone into. I then step back into the bar, and I say "Ok, that's it for now. I killed about 2,539 people with cars and explosives.....and a Knife. Besides the point." I take a seat, and gesture to zarkun. "Mar Sara Black please. Put it on the bar in front of me, cause I've seen what you do to Xer."
I shake my head. "You're official bartender right now. I'm on duty for Flood guard. We, uh, may have miscalculated their ability to escape Containment."
"Want me to chip in and make life easier? The Flood can't exactly fight against something that controls time."

I pull out a little cube from my backpack, and crack it in two.

"Area temporal-denial system. Practically stops time with its radius, and allows all sorts of fun ambushes. Throw the red half in, and click the button on the blue half. Click it a second time, and the field deactivates. You want?"

I hold the pair of objects up.
"No, you just !@#$ed up and gave the controls to my assistant, like I told you not to." I get up, mix a Mar Sara Black, and chug it, before making another.
"A recent Sci-fi RP came out, it's based on Halo."
"No, I put it in your armory, then you went and got it and forgot to put it up. When you put them back in Containment, they escaped, meaning we won't be keeping them in check any time soon." I then look at morrjo, shaking my head. "That makes it too easy."
"No, you SAID you put it in the armory, but that's cause I told you earlier you should have put it in the armory. It's hard to forget something like the controls of a all-consuming parasitic race's prison, believe me. And no, I have my Promethean wh-err, guards keeping them in check." I shoot back another Mar Sara Black, and mix another.
"I was never a big fan of the Haloverse, sadly. I'd never be able to fit in. And how is it too easy? Does it need more explosions? Bullets? Angry Eldritch horrors?"

I check a small watch on my left hand. Textured similarly to the rest of the armor, it looked fairly high-tech.

"Unless I want to get caught up in the recent, ah, ceremonies, I may have to phase out soon. Don't take it as an insult, but I've been around for long enough to qualify without one."
"I realized we still need to initiate you..."
I quickly jump, and run over to a table. Quickly sitting on it, a portal erupts behind me, horizontally covering the table.

"And in that case, I'm gone! Screw this, I'm outta here!"

I point at Zarkun.

"Forget the drink for now, I suppose! Seeya later!"

With a quick thumbs up, I topple back into the alien portal. It snaps shut behind me, isolating me from the craziness of the bar, and safely isolates me back in Lurkerspace.
I chuckle, pulling out slip space inducer and dropping morrjo out of lurker space. "You aren't safe anymore." I drug him. "All yours SF."
The drug harmlessly passes through me, the Temporal Solition shield more than doing its job.

"How in earth's name you managed to do that eludes me, but I'm not just sitting here for you to gack me!"

I rip open a portal, and am damn certain to leave no possible entrances for further unwanted summonings.

"I've got over five shipments to deliver across fourty-point-seven realities. I've simply got no time!" I leap back into the portal, and snap it shut behind me.
Another slip space inducer. "Just get it over with. It'll take all of thirty minutes and you won't remember a thing."
"How about no! I've existed around here unknown for too long, and that's how it'll stay! The second this flesh mask begins to malfunction, it'll self destruct and dissolve!"

I pull out a small cube, its insides significantly more vast than its exterior.

"I have a job to attend to! I'm not letting anyone get in its way! Besides, you'll run out of slip space inducers eventually, or I'll just start aiming for more poly-hyperbolic space!"

Another portal, and another snap shut.
I chuckle. He didn't know me very well. Activating the slip space inducer, I look at morrjo. "You can't hide forever. Chaos and Order is everywhere. If SF doesn't find you, I will."
A portal to my Shadow Realm opens up in front of morrjo and before he can stop he flies into my Shadow Realm and spit out into our realm, dizzy from the trip. I grab him and trap him in a room that prevented all his technology and powers from working. I throw an angry Caboose in with him and tell Caboose to help morrjo. I listen to morrjo screaming and running. And Caboose starts saying, "I HATE DIMENSIONAL JUMPERS!"
"Mecha, your initiation will involve kittens. A lot of kittens." I grin evilly, the people on DA already knowing my plot.

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