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I'm loving this, Jay, keep it up!
.... Damn.... well written...
It kinda jumps a bit from the first post, but I caught on pretty quick.
That's how this story is written, and I love it >:)
I've been kinda bored of Joeyray's bar, so stopped coming, but I'll probably start coming back now that the series is coming back.

The writing style looks improved. Keep it up!
1000+ internets.
We'd love having you around again, Martiny.
Hey there's a face I never see anymore.
Mart- wait. Oh... I'm a bit late. =n=
guys i forgot to tell you. i had a chat with jay on Sc2 and she's run out of inspiration. so umm this is kinda dead until she has more mojo.
01/16/2013 03:11 PMPosted by darkra
guys i forgot to tell you. i had a chat with jay on Sc2 and she's run out of inspiration. so umm this is kinda dead until she has more mojo.
Gotta refill those creative juices.
01/16/2013 03:43 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Gotta refill those creative juices.
I just noticed something... But the Roach port looks like it's always smiling.
01/16/2013 03:50 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Gotta refill those creative juices.
I just noticed something... But the Roach port looks like it's always smiling.

Ah !@#$... Now I will never be able to go back to the regular way I looked at roaches.

Yeah. I'll be writing soon, I promise. I feel so bad...T_T

And Hi again, :D

(And when I mean soon, I mean like, perhaps in a few hours...lol)

The short trip to my ship from the girl’s house was a bit of an awkward one in some ways. Instead of hauling her butt over to the thing by her arm, or knocking her out just to carry her there (These were both methods of rounding up the typical runts), she walked by my side soundlessly, her eyes still containing the intensity they did when we had our conversation on the porch. She kept glancing sideways at me, and half of me was beginning to wonder if she was starting to notice the earpiece that hung on my ear, the psi-screen. I played with that thought around a bit while we were walking, but I came to the conclusion that it didn’t really matter anyway if she noticed or not. Even if she knew what the mechanism did, I highly doubted she’s like, rip it off my ear or something. She had a passive sort of air about her, because while I was sure she knew what was coming up ahead of her at the Academy, she didn’t seem to care one bit, or at least she didn’t show it.

I helped her up the steep stairs that lead to the high side port on the side of my ship. It was an old thing, but it was damn fast. That’s all it needed to be. Having a fast ship made it easy to deliver the kids to wherever the hell they needed to go. It was also convenient if you needed to make a quick getaway, of which I have had the pleasure of experiencing while I’ve owned the ship. Nothing gets the blood pumping like a near-death experience...

I ducked going through the port, and started to guide Cassie down the narrow hallway that eventually led to the cockpit at the head of the ship. We stopped before we got to that end though, next to a white colored door without a window in it. I set my hand into a bio scanner next to it, the only one in the entire ship. It scanned my bio signature, and caused the door afterward to unlock and open with a hiss. I shuttled the girl through it, and stood in the doorway to keep her from changing her mind about coming with me.

Along the walls stood huge, cyan tinted tubes, visible only by their subtle glow in the dark. The dim lights went on one by one as Cassie wandered the room a bit. I glanced over to a tube in the corner of the small room as she did this. A thin layer of fog had blurred the glass; this was because it was the only one that was activated. It was also the one that Cassie would be riding in for the remainder of her short adventure with me.

She noticed it just a moment after I had glanced at it, and glanced at me in a curious way. She pointed to herself, then at the tube, as if asking if it were for her.

I gave her a small nod in response, with a small shrug.

“Everyone I collect gets put into stasis once I come grab them.” I said.

“Why?” She questioned.

“Well…let’s just say, the kids I typically find are a bit more…dangerous, than most.” I answered.

She gave me a bit of a look after I said that, but gave a small nod in an understanding way afterward.

“No exceptions for the ones that are compliant?” she questioned once more.

I chuckled. “No. Sorry kid.”

She gave me a bit of a shrug, “Well, it was worth a try.” She said, and she wandered over to the tube that she would soon be sleeping in. It too opened with a hiss, though higher pitched than the one that accompanied the door when it opened. She glanced around inside, and then looked back at me.

“Do I just…hop in then…?” She asked.

I walked over, “Well, more or less,” I answered, and I helped her into the tube.

“Just relax,” I said, “It doesn’t hurt or anything. Just makes you fall asleep.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” She said, looking at me again with her intense blue eyes.

I prevented myself from making a response to that, and closed the casing to the tube. She watched me with wide eyes as I started typing things into the console. I let my hand hover over the small orange button that would instantly send her to sleep as I looked over at her in the tube.

The expression she had on her face was almost heart-wrenching…too bad I didn’t have much of a heart left.

I let my gaze fall back to the console, and with a small whisper, and maybe even a hint of a smile, I pressed the button.

“Sweet Dreams.”


(I'll try working on another segment sometime in the next days. My laptop has died and I'm currently using my mother's desktop for this typing I'm doing....)
Nice, way to rip the guy's heart out.

Her mute acceptance of everything is really disturbing... (I assume that was intentional?)
Does it matter? :P

No, actually, but my writing is meant to be interpreted however way the reader likes or wants to.

But that is also kind of cool that I did that without even intending to, xD

Very cool, :3
Jay... We missed you in Reaper... A subplot tanked with you away...
I sorry, :( I just can't commit to crap lately...it makes me sad.

But sigh. I wanted to do ze rps...but I just ran out of time, and I also got tired of waiting so long for posts some days anyway. I never knew when to check...so eventually...i kinda stopped...*facedesk*

I'd love to rejoin, buuuuuuut...that would be awkward to have a random Jinxy pop outta nowhere,

Aaaand then there would be the issue of if I'd leave again...sigh....idk....
We could work it out. Get on the chat and you's and I's will talk.
Welcome back, Jay!

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