The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn #2

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And why pay when no one actually benefits?
Oops. Didn't see this.
No worries, man.

Oops, that was out of character.

No no, my good man. No offense is taken.

And Zarkun, how dare you say nobody benefits? Kay-Oh! Incorporated is a massive benefactor of interdimensional charities.
Hmmm I would like Roasted Marine. Also someone needs to start profiling all the RPers and NOT use the outdated profiles.
Here you go, sir.
Thank you my good sir as not only do I like cats but I am also a Zerg person
Mecha, take your place in the caboose of the Zerg train, if you will. We're about to get this show ON THE ROAD! :D
Hmm... May you please infest my Adjutant body so I can join ya?
DIBS ON TUCKER! Bow-chicka-bow-wow.
"Who would I be, I am above average intelligence and have killed Jester many times over in Halo 4 by running him over accidentally..."
SF it's called by "accident".
"Simmons I believe is the proper way to spell it. Also: WOOHOO! I'M THE SMART@SS It truly was an accident except for two times. Then he destroyed it and I wanted to shoot him with a rocket launcher."
SF, quit lying, you ran over me every single time on purpose.
And I am the Meta, for I wreck everything with little regard to anyone but the one in charge (aka HBRB)
SF, you did say you did it on purpose.
He said he did it twice on purpose.
All lies. He did every team-kill on purpose.
I climb into the Zerg train with Slnder and whoot happily. "See ya later suckas!!!"

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