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Ok, im just going to ignore most of what I read above...

I've been playing protoss for awhile, but didnt really take ladder seriously until a few weeks ago. Gold league (mainly need to work on macro, not letting resources pile up) and i managed to pretty much nail my PvZ (about 70% win ratio i would say) with ffe into a few gates and robo, since most zerg players in my league go mass roach. Anyway, what i really need help with is my PvP (about 50%) and PvT(25% or less). With PvP i will usually stalker rush off of 2 gates, and get blink, try to out-micro the other player. With PvT im at a loss. Tried to gateway FE, but the terran usually hits me before i can get a sizeable enough force up. Then i tried to play off of 3 or 4 gates and robo, still with little success. Think my problem is as i said my macro, but also the fact that i know very few build orders, usually wing it after i get my warp gates. Some build orders for me to look at/perfect would be appreciated, or any little tid-bits or tips of PvT. Thanks
Realized i probably shouldnt have typed that in one blob of a paragraph... sorry bout that.

And forgot to mention some PvP tips would be appreciated as well.

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