"PTR" access is not available error

Mac Technical Support
After upgrading my SC2 account to HOTS I get this error: "Public Test Region access is not available for your region when I click on the [SC II - 1], [SC II - 2]. Both of these buttons are attached to the same link: https://us.battle.net/account/management/sc2/ptr-activate.html

I talked to they guy in live chat and he wanted me to post about my issue here:

But I could not as, according to the live chat dude, "The forum is not recognizing that you are flagged for Beta though you should be when you are posting."

Again, I am getting this error on the battle.net website, not the game client. I usually use a XP box to play, but I'm away from that right now so I'm using my Mac instead, and I was believed that this might be part of the issue.
The OS shouldn't have a factor.

Also, are you not able to log into the beta client itself, or just have an issue posting there, I'm confused.

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