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*pokes head in the door*

Hmm. Probably a good thing I snuck out in the middle of the fight to go to bed, leaving that rubber decoy behind.

And I'll just be going now...
An assistant carries in the real KO and puts him in a Stasis Cage, immobilizing him until feeding time. "Nice try buddy." I approach the man. "What can I do for ya?"
The man hands off a list, with a lot of orders on it. He looks at his watch, and says
"I need this done in about four hours. I have things I need to be doing."
He turns and walks out. His ship comes back to life, and flies off.
I read over the order and scoff. "Man...he didn't leave a contact number..." I turn on my COM. {Jester, one of your guys just left an order list with no way to let him know when it's done. You just want me to bring it to you?}
*a quite twisted, even Gnarled looking man walks in*

Zarkun, eh? Last time I saw you... you were a noob!
I look at the man and nod. "It has been quite some time. You here for a pizza?"
Certainly. I will take a large pepperoni. Please add THIS *holds up vial* to it.
{Uh, I haven't sent anyone as far as I know. Look outside, see if there is a Battlecruiser from the Confederacy Era. If so, then its the UED Remnant.} I radio back.
I take the vial and set to work while my assistants work on the large order. {There is. So then do I deliver it to them?}
Suddenly, the pizza roars loudly and attacks, wrapping around Zarkun and immobilizing him. When he escapes, he discovers the stasis cell is empty.

Thanks, Brother.

No prob.
{Did the person who delivered the list say anything in particular?}
Two beams immobilize the two and drop them right into the Muta cage. "I knew you were up to something." I return my attention to the COM. {He had some errands to run.}
*I order a special pizza really quickly.*
You may have heard of the Noodle Incident... But what about the Pizza Incident?
"No....never again."
*the Mutas attack, and when the Glaive Wurms hit the two people they deflate with a whooshing noise*

Ah, thank heaven for old reliable inflatable replicas.


You got it.

*epic music plays while we dash out the door*
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I nod and set to work. "Good to hear Koro. Always a way around a punishment, right?"

"Yep. When I get put on restriction, its normally just my laptop and X-Box and I can't play PS3 on weekdays and some weekends. Now they took everything (iOS devices and literaly took my laptop and TV) and I have to use the sh!tty chrome operating system...
The doors close and lock. [Lockdown initiated.] "You're getting punished." I turn to Koro. "Suck."
"What the !@#$ is going on?" I say with genuine overly massive curiosity in my voice.
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"You're getting punished."

01/17/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Zarkun


I spray acid on the door.

I pull out my Sabre and start cutting the partially melted door down, Star Wars style.
{Well, he probably had something to do, and would be back later, I guess.}

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