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"Hate to burst your bubble, but Kerrigan was only immune that mission because of the parameters set by the programmers. Don't use in game lore to decide something."
ehh it is an example. Basically you need some special kickass weapon. It is the most dangerous creature we have not only due to its lasers and awesome powers but the fact that it drives people insane. I would know since at least 10 workers have gone insane since the listened to gthe song through the vents. Its an addictiion.
"And the Ryoka controls time and space itself. Nothing, not even a god, is immune to that."
If you say that Nyan Cat is indestructible... Then you have never seen Gravity Cat or Mr. HAX.
What is Ryoka?????

Also Outbreak Zarkun.....
Go read page 3 of my store second one from top.
By the way... Do you know what this guy has to say to the invincible Nyan Cat?
The Swarm demands all minnions back!
The Swarm demands all minions back!

I thought the Swarm demanded TerranCakes. I thought they were hungry. I also thought it demanded the Weird Giant Evil Tentacle Monster That made Zerus filled with trees. I seem to recall the Swarm wanting to reunite the Swarm. It did splinter into broods.

If you want to get the Swarm back together, tell Kerrigan to get over to these forums. She has some reuniting to do.
The swarm says well played....

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