help with ZVP?

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i seem to lose about 75% of my ZVP games, because of immortal sentry warp prism all ins or just the protoss deathball.. against the deathball i made like 10 broodlords, kept my roach army underneath it so when the stalkers blink under them my roach army can kill them, but they just bring the colossi over and kill off my roaches while the stalkers target fire the broodlords

i somehow always lose ZVP and it would be nice if someone gave me advice, im currently in diamond league..

im thinking of going straight infestor broodlord ling like destiny does with a wall of spines to defend against early pushes, what do you guys think :P

It's very hard to hold +1 4gate with only lings, and making spines at 2 bases is expensive. You can do it, but there are stronger options available.

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