KnarledOne's General Store

Joeyray's Bar
"I am not a weido. I am a synthetic organism built and programmed by the genius, smylez."
*I snort from behind the pharmacy counter*
Alright then, you're not a weirdo, he is.
. . .
Ok, Hypocritical moment is over.
"I delight in the irony of that statement. Hmm, must readjust parameters."
"You have now made me want to open a Philosopher's Tower."
"Explain what is this tower you speak of."
Have to admit my pet shop rocked
"Who will come to the following:"

The Philosopher's Tower:
A large tower smashes out of the ground, made purely of titanium. It came up right next to Bar and I step out of it. A tiny black hole-like thing starts to appear on the roof. I pop out of it and start nailing a board into the titanium wall. It says,
Welcome to the Philosopher's Tower. Come here to seek advice and I shall give
you what you seek. I will try my best to be helpful. Be sure to stay away from
the black hole, it leads to my Shadow Realm and you will forever be tortured.
Actually, jump in it all you want!
I'm thinking about bringing it back, who's all for custom made Gladiator Persona's?
I would love to enter myself into an arena. I haven't fought in a battle since the Troll Wars... in this dimension, at any rate.
Okay then, I'll bring back my beloved Arena! *Takes out a broom and dustpan*
I'll do the Grand (Re-Re)Opening on Friday night. Reason being, I have this Landscaping Pre Test on Thursday and it's going to kick my !@#.
. . . Shadow...

Did you just hijack my Asylum?
"The ShadowFury always had such a thing. He was merely finishing it as it was in progress. Your asylum is still safe and sound although it has been covered in cobwebs and rat droppings.
Wait, what about the Asylum? It's reborn?
I head to the loading dock and retrieve my order, loading it up on my SiegeBreaker. "Thanks KO. Expect a similar order in the near future."
*The Prometheus arrived above the General Store.... Aquila shall now behave like Kay Oh! Interprises. Or is it Enterprises? Any who... They shall be a researcher company for my PRP goals, or messed up RP's.*

Okay, I'll order the best building material money can ever buy! My place needs to be open by Friday and the sad thing is.... It's kinda floating in the air right now from the bar... And if we don't hurry this up, it could crash down and land on top of SF's Tower.
O_o "I thought it was over the bar. How would it land on SF's tower?"
What does he need all that milk for...?

And it's not Interprises or Enterprises. It's Incorporated.
"KO, if you haven't figured it out with the business I run, then maybe I should buy my milk elsewhere."
Why don't you just buy cheese instead?

OOH, maybe I should open a fine cheese store.
"Simple. Home made cheese is trustworthy."

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