Out of the Frying Pan III

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I wave them off.... I was going to see the captain.... Later.
Shaking my head, I look at the others. "You ready to go? Shouldn't take long to get it up."
I nod my visor lowering revealing the wolf's head painted on it. "Yeah lets go."
OOC :we going outside or what?
Deeper into the ship, where you ran into us.
"The backup generator room should be two floors down, let's take the stairs."
"as opposed to . . ."
"As opposed to taking the elevator."
"I think we can handle two levels of stairs, and with the pumps going, we don't need to worry about water."
Oh boy... got some serious need of recap.
You missed absolutely nothing that pertains to you.

That is actually kind of sad. No offense intended, but you can tell this is a Markus thread.
Indeed. Well, CR's character leaving the medbay can pertain to you, but that's up to you.

That is actually kind of sad. No offense intended, but you can tell this is a Markus thread.

Yeeaaah... Lol. In my opinion, RP's don't work as well when there is practically no DM. I have been extremely loose intentionally to break my tyrant DM reputation. This is pretty much a total democracy in every decision made. xD

Normally I'd have sped the RP WAAY up, but this is a good learning experience for me.

Really, this RP is going really slow. The reason why it's on thread 3 is because we've been mentoring Gman and CR and Darkra have had an... interesting side plot. The main plot is barely inched forward, hence, you not missing anything.

I don't find it that sad since the alternative is worse.

If it really is that sad, could someone offer some criticism? Rather then just telling me "you're doing it wrong."

Also, you have to realize a lot has happened, but nothing that really pertains to you.


Scott, noticing nobody was going to take the first step, decided to lead the way to the stair case.
I start walking, turning on my flashlight just in case and looking around. "Man, where's the clean up crew when you need it?"
Scott agrees in silence while slowing down, allowing Torvus to take the lead.
Taking point, I keep walking, watching the walls. "Keep an eye open for snakes. They'll be the most dangerous at this point."
"Remember, kids, they are just as afraid of you as you are of them." Scott mocked in a high pitched female teachers voice.
"Yeah, well, tell that to the one I cut open on the elevator."

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