Reaper (Episode 3)

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I sigh, and look around.
"Or we just find genetic data for a Brood Lord and grow one for ourselves..."
I look around, searching for a queen. "Hmmmmmmmm....where to find one..."
I raise a shocked eyebrow. "I wasn't being serious!"
01/21/2013 02:55 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
Knarled, there is a flaw in your plan. The Zerg were attracted to the Psi emitters because they simply had no higher conscious to tell them to do otherwise. Zack would have Laura, and his own mind to override his natural gravitation to the emitter, which if he couldn't, she could do easily.

True at face value, however this would work for two reasons:

1: It is tailored specifically to Zack's mind.

2: He is Terran, and would probably attribute his desire to go to this location as a 'hunch.' However, I have granted some time to wrap up your plot, because it would take awhile to break down his resistance.

Also, I have read what you have done so far, and noticed a critical error.

You failed to kill the young Overmind.

This is not good. It could disrupt the plot. That Overmind needs to be dealt with.
The Overmind is dead for all intents and purposes KO. Trust me. And Zack is no longer all Terran either.

IC: I chuckle. "I know, just seeing how you'd react." I walk up the ramp of the ship, looking over the ruins and Zerg. "Let's go. I didn't exactly clear this with Command first, so we're not the clock, if you will."
01/23/2013 07:21 AMPosted by Zarkun
And Zack is no longer all Terran either.

He is part Zerg and Zerg are attuned to psi emitters. WOOOOOOOOOO! Double whammy!

01/23/2013 04:34 AMPosted by KnarledOne
You failed to kill the young Overmind.

Assume it is dead. Yea, I had to suspend a lot of things.
And Protoss. Or did you miss the trippy mind visit into Laura's mind?
The Protoss part is irrelevant to the psi emitters. Really, all KO has to do is simply amp up the psi emitters and no amount of interference would prevent Zack from investigating.
Funny thing is, I know how this all pans out. At least this bit. However, nothing goes anywhere until SB get's home...
Of course...


I shall suspend my disbelief.
I checked it, it's dead. Trust me. And I sorta promised Koro I'd get him resurrected. Anytime frame for that mission?
Hmm... Bringing Koro back...

I shall have to think, as his body was lost to a world overrun with Zerg...


If he doesn't mind being an Infested for a short while, he can be brought back. If he engages the group as an Infested on the next world and is killed, the Doctor might be interested in resurrecting him to see if the reviving can be used to cure the infestation.

And Overminds require Void energy to destroy permanently. It would just reincarnate... but whatever.

I used Void energies KO. Hence the black energy with the blood red outline. And I'll talk to Koro about it.
You 'killed' it by slashing its eye in half with a knife. The only Void attack mentioned was earlier, and nonfatal.

Tassadar had to ram an entire warship, charged with massive amounts of energy, into the Overmind to kill it, and your saying a little knife is going to finish him this time?
It was a blade made of Void energies and the amount put out was increased for the final blow was exponential. Not to mention this Overmind wasn't anywhere near full maturity.
No... but Tassadar was very powerful Templar, who not only had the power of the Void at his disposal but the entire Khala as well, not to mention of course the Gantrithor's massive size. You are just a Ghost, and though you have Protoss parts thus increasing your psionics, you still wouldn't be as strong as Tassadar, especially because your non-psionic Zerg portions could conceivably weaken you.

But I grow tired of this argument.
For all intents and purposes, I killed it, unless you WANT that kind of Antagonist later on. I even have a fun idea for later if you do.
For all intents and purposes, this is an Overmind, in a fetus state. Think of a baby, but like, when it would grow up it would turn into a Tank. You don't screw with that, but before it has turned into a tank, it's vulnerable. So? You kill it.

IC: I sigh, and roll my eyes, following him onto the ship.
"Keep the blade, by the way... it looks like you're already attached to it..."
Assuming this takes place after Brood War, there can be no Overmind as all the cerebrates died shortly after Kerrigan took over the swarm. Only a conglomerate of cerebrates merging can another Overmind be created. The Overmind can not be resurrected as such a creature would be exceedingly complex for the both the Terran and Protoss to even attempt to revive and why would anyone even attempt to do that is beyond me. Any surviving cerebrates that was not purged by the Queen of Blades will die shortly as they are not meant to exist without the Overmind.

/end lore rant after pointing out the absurdity of the situation.

Zeratul was able to assassinate the second Overmind (might also be with a couple of his buddies too) who was in a fetal state. Although as I am sure you know, the Void energies of a Dark Templar will far surpass that of a 1/1/1 hybrid thingamjig.
I already prepared for that. The form I slew wasn't going to be a final form. It was a...cocoon of sorts, but now that it's destroyed the final form, unless KO asks for it, will never be seen.

IC: "Thanks." I place it a belt hook where the missing Psi Knife went and take a seat in the cockpit, closing the ramp and taking off, setting course for the Station. At this point I had a headache from ignoring the throbbing that had started earlier.

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