This is Their Story: Redemption

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I nod and lead her back to the camp, getting Ryan's attention. "Got another one."

I sigh, standing up and brushing off. "Right, well, I'm Ryan Hunter, or Slasher. I've got two steaks cooked up, one medium rare, one medium well."
"Not hungry. I am Jessica Flint." I try to keep myself from grabbing the kaiser blades so I don't alarm the others.
I shrug, sitting back down, noting her hesitancy. "Pleasure to meet you."
I nod and try to find a spot away from the main group but still near the camp.
Watching her walk away, I sigh. Another loner...of course, it could just be the lack of trust. Can't say I blame her there.
I look up over at Hunter hearing his thoughts. I was more startled that I could hear them. I try to remain calm as I try to figure out how I could hear his thoughts and where I was and what happened to me so that I couldn't remember anything other than my name.
I notice her jump and instinctively hit a button on my wrist, raising the psi-screens that I'd developed to keep psionics out of my head. I hate Psionics...
I sit at the top of the hill, using my bayonet to carve something into the ground. I wasn't picky on what it looked like, just trying to get the image out of my head, for it has been bugging me since the crash.
I glance over at him curiously as he activated something that blocked his thoughts. I didn't think to much more about it as I sat on the ground and looked towards my feet pondering more about what might have happened to cause to to forget everything but my name.
I had returned to the tree, climbing to the highest branches to continue my thinking. I noted Kelly drawing in the ground, and Jessica sitting thoughtfully. Why are we here...
I note the new person as I call over to the others, "I think a second tent would just slow us down too much, let's just leave it at one."
"No can do. With none of us remembering who we were, separate tents might be best for now."
"Are we camping here where our 'friends' already set up or are we going to find somewhere else?" I ask sitting back down next to the fire.
"Well, this is convenient, and sheltered...I say we stay here. It's too close to night to move."
I stop carving with the bayonet finally. I had gotten the image out of my head, and I now had another challenge: Figure out what the image I carved meant to me. I get up, stepping around the image and I clean off the bayonet, sharpening it while I was at it.
"Fine. But once everyone is trustworthy, we are leaving one tent behind." I say as I start disassembling the other tent, my search for more supplies futile.
"You know, I just said it's getting dark, and you've taken down one tent and started taking down the other. Sort of defeats the purpose of the tents."
"Yeah, but to sleep in a wide open plane where we are in plain sight isn't the smartest idea. We should move into the forest or onto a hill and reassemble them."
"You're aware sky lining ourselves is an even worse idea right? We'll move into the woods a bit, but not too far. Otherwise we'll be tripping over tree roots and hurting ourselves."

I listened to the survival debate going on and shake my head. The weather won't matter. It's the unseen enemy we should fear. I continue with my thinking, still trying to figure out what being a Blood Letter is.
Okay. What did this one miss.

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