This is Their Story: Redemption

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And I shook my head in spite. "I know what I need to do, and a splint ain't going to help with jack !@#$..." Looking down on my left hand... I saw many scars, all of them coming from a.... knife.
"You're putting a splint on. If that knife went into the bone, it'll help keep you from making it worse."
"The answer is.... Nu. I shall not have a splint on... And this isn't the first time I did this to my hand... From how it looks."
I followed them as they moved to the new site, but I kept to myself still. I ran through the suit's various systems as a diagnostics test as a precaution, trying to identify problems before they got worse. So far there wasn't a problem yet, but I expected problems every second.
I shrug;
"Your choice. Just don't come asking me for pain killers.."
I say.

Here's a piece of HS music with a a really nice voiceover:
"Being stubborn is one hell've anesthesia." As I just wrapped my hand up in a cloth.

OOC: Interesting.
I clean up my supplies and store them;
"That works too."

I've dug up quite a few HS related music pieces...
"Yes.... Yes it does..."

OOC: War, MeGaLoVania? The piano version is quite lovely.
Haven't listened to that one, but I will shortly.

Who's your favorite beta kid, troll, and alpha kid?
Rose, Kanaya and Dirk for me.
01/29/2013 07:06 PMPosted by Warhawk
G@y. :P lol.... Quite literally, not like I have a problem with him, kinda funny because of the severed head.

Alpha: Dave /CoolKid
Beta: Roxy
Troll: Either Vriska, Terezi, or Karkat, or...Gamezee.
Guys... Theres a discussion thread and dA for this...
01/29/2013 07:14 PMPosted by Korozain
Guys... Theres a discussion thread and dA for this...
Meh, he started it, plus I don't believe he has DA....

I'm just going with the flow of things, sometimes it's easier to go along with it at times.
MeGaLoVania's good, I've heard it somewhere before, somewhere in the endless pages of HS...

Vriska's cool (her dice and pirate outfit are awesome)... but she's an incredibly manipulative b!tch...

Terezi and Karkat are fine (or as fine as you can get with the trolls) :P

And Gamezee's got.. problems...

honk honk...
Well keep this in the discussion! I dont want a bunch of OOC posts in here!
OOC: Hehehehe...


I finish with the tents and look at the commotion. I see the woman who had stabbed herself and wonder, Why would she do this to herself? I go back to the tent and start setting up the bedrolls I had placed within them for everyone to sleep, placing them as far apart as possible from each other.
I stay at the base of the tree ignoring the commotion of one of the people stabbing themselves but listening to everything else that was going on around the area.
01/29/2013 07:05 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
"Yes.... Yes it does..."

I grunt and turn to Ryan;
"So... what do you think of this lot?"
I ask.
"Well, those two up there are weird, I don't trust the vampire dude, can't place why though, and the others...well, we'll see."
"The scythe-spinning fellow? can't blame you... but I wouldn't trust the shadowy red and black armored guy as far as I could throw him..."
I say, eying them both.

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