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When i log onto WOL it says that my account is a starter edition. I have picked the SC-1 and SC-2 option and both say starter editions im not able to play any of the custom games i want to and not sure why its saying this.

Just noticed a second thread on this after this was posted
me too.
I had a scan through the forums,
looks like this bug pops its head up every now and again.

I am having the same problem and a friend of mine is as well. We have both had this issue for several days now. It seem I can only play the beta (which is currently down for maintenance).

Blizzard should know this is a rather large bug and I'm insanely frustrated right now.
Hey I just posted a thread on this problem with my account. I wish Blizzard would've posted something on the site to alert people about this issue.
I am experiencing the same issue. Syncing my clock does not remedy the issue.

SOLUTION: I changed my password and everything is working fine now (This is on NA Servers).
I can confirm Mikefunds Solution, I just had the bug and changed my password and its gone now.
I had this problem. I fixed it by logging into my Korean account. I don't know if you guys have multiple accounts, but if you do try logging in with them.

My clock was set to the correct time.

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