Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 19)

Joeyray's Bar
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I chuckle as xer runs out the door and the Bubba illusion vanishes. "Nicely done."
Why thank ye.
Zark should we try and get more people to join HB since right now its only like 4 people holding up the RP
I shrug, sipping my drink. "Well, I think we should wait until summer. Because truthfully, there are so few people here as it is, I'm not that surprised no one has really joined it."
Darkra, I mostly left just because it was going to die.
so we should make a reboot during summer?
Try a reboot. by summer HotS will have come out and we'll have more lore to toy with.
"This is Their Story: Redemption, The Gates of Hell, and Humanities Best updates please."
In the bar I will be pacifist unless its a serious conflict likew all outv war between us and trolls or something like that.
"Man this place is quiet..."
I zap Mark in the rear. "Shouldn't be once you feel that."
That was a quick reply! How long have you been lurking? lol
rofl, don't you have anything else better to do?
Not really. Nakita likes to entertain herself and my wife spends the day talking to her aunt and friends on FB. I'm waiting for Wednesday to contact Jack in the Box about a potential job.
Why don't you contact Jack in the Box now?
Because they said to call Wednesday. I already did the interview.
Oh, well that's a good sign! Why not apply for more jobs?
I have. I've done all the applications I can. Nothing to do but wait on more of them. Called the ones that don't threaten to disregard me if I call.

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