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Hi, For the past week, i am unable to start any 1v1 ladder games. When i try to they said that downloading content failed please try again later. This happens to almost all the arcade games except for a few and i still am able to play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4's with my account. I have tried opening the ports on the blizzard support site and it still doesnt work. Appreciate any advise :)
It's been happining to me as well but i dont know what to do :(
is there any solution please? I have same problem TT
I discovered that torrents were being blocked on my network - Blizzard uses torrents to download all updates. Removing the block fixed my issue.
same problem here
Having the same issue on my computer... (not a torrent problem for me)
i have same problem on my gaming laptop. i have sc2 hots installed on a desktop and a gaming laptop. both were upgraded from sc2 wol and were working fine. now only my desktop is working. this rules out network issue (as desktop is working) and hardware issue (as laptop was running fine with sc2 wol). i hope blizzard acknowledge problem and help fix it.
Same problem here. "Download Failed. There was a problem downloading this content. Please try again later." I've been getting this error message the past 3 days. I am unable to play matchmaking games.

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