Website Update (It's here soon!)

Joeyray's Bar
Before I open it to beta, I'd like to give everyone a brief rundown of our website. Know that though the site may include these features, some of them may not actually be used, and thus will be removed.

  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Chat Box
  • History, information, news, members, etc about the bar
  • Sign in with a Weebly account
  • Unlimited video and picture uploads, with unlimited file uploads under 10 megs.
  • Personas
  • Links
  • Weebly is what I've been making the site with, when beta opens up, I'll teach you how to get a Weebly account, which you can use to sign into our website and make personas. If you use their basic drag and drop editor, then making your persona will be super easy! When you sign up for Weebly, just use your SC2 name, and normal email, and you'll have an account on our site.
    Alright, if you want to check it out, go right ahead, I've got to fill things up still, but I'll need folks to start creating Weebly accounts so that they can use our website. Weebly is the site creation tool I used. You'll need it to participate on the forums, and to make your unlimited space persona.
    Test out the chat box ,I wana make sure it works.
    I'ts got a few weird features, just stick to the chat and the faces please.
    Site is unpublished now, I'm going to finish the chat box.

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