Crashing after a few minutes

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I have been playing senario for a few weeks with no problem. Now all of a sudden the grapahics get scrambled and the my whole computer locks up requiring a hard restart. I have tried a using a different video card with the same results. I most recently tried a complete reinstall of my os (windows 7) but still have the same issue. Any Ideas?

I would look into the possibility of overheating, Naho. Ctrl + Alt + F will show temperatures in the top left corner in game.
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I just took a look at the temp and I dont think that is the problem. Played on a machine that has no problems and the temps was running around 85c then played on the machine having the issue and it crashed on both attempts to play and the temp was only as 68c when it crashed. Any other ideas? What would be a normal gpu operating temp under load?
85 is a little high depending on the card. Try running the fan on the gpu at 100% to see. Also try blowing out dust in the card.

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