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I let out a small laugh. "You might enjoy my home world. While modern we maintain a form of the medieval times."
"I may visit once this whole mess is over."
I nod towards her. "If you can stand the cold I am sure you will enjoy it."
As I stand alone at the crest of the hill I contemplate what Roslin had said. Perhaps ... some things can and should be forgiven and forgotten ... some shouldn't ... I close my eyes and draw Hos before beginning to go through some exercises.

I arrive at the base and head for the mess hall. I was hungry after what happened earlier. It was a bit strange to have the Zerg helping but I wasn't to bothered by it.
"I'd be glad to test that. Siberia tends to get cold."
"Is that where you lived before you were taken into the Gladiators?" Curiosity filled my voice.
Hanna laughs. "No, I'm from Scotland, but I was stationed on a base in Siberia before being assigned here. The men couldn't pee outside, it was so cold all the time."
"Ah, sounds like almost like home. We do have "a season where we the ice and snow melts into a more warmish climate.
"Ah, summertime in the Siberian tundra. That lasts...oh...I'd wager around three or four months. Rest of the year it's frozen."
"That isn't to bad expect for when trying to make a sustainable food source."
"There's plenty of animals that thrive all year round. We're all pretty good hunters, those of us from Siberia."
I smile at Hanna and laugh slightly to myself. "You would fair well on my home world that much I can tell now." I lay back on my bunk and continue to stare off into space.
She pulls out a locket and fiddles with it. "Thanks..." She seems to drift off into a daydream.
I take notice of the locket briefly before resuming staring at the ceiling. A short while after I fell into a deep sleep that was much needed.
OOC: I know its a double post but yall can deal with it.

I jolt awake and quickly look around the room. I was fine.
"How long was I out..." I ask aloud not directing it to anyone in particular.
I open my eyes and look around the camp. Sighing I stand and head for the mess hall.

I get up put away whats left of my MRE and head to the command center
Alright, I hate to say this, but this will have to die til another day. I just don't have the motivation I did when we started it, nor do SF or Jester. Sorry y'all.
Understandable. KPA: SC has sucked the lot of us into it's all consuming maw...
Even before that I lacked the motivation. I guess I should take a vacation from RPing...just a couple days...
With KPA, that'll leave you a couple of theads behind...

The bloody thing just moves so damn fast...

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