Reaper (RP): Showdown.

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I growl, refraining from knocking his lights out. "Yeah, well, I'm still fairly new to this way of living."
I smile, a hissing growl coming from the back of my throat. "And you still have much to learn... Hmm... I feel that my Sister will enjoy the excuse of 'teaching you' in order to be alone with you for a few years... By the way, where is Discord? I feel like he should be placed onto the Phantom for safety for the time being."
I bring out the container, the sand inside it. "Here. Figured he deserved better than the cold vacuum of space."
The bridge is ripped apart. The Hybrid clings to the deck, trying to avoid being hurled into space. It turns just in time to see the battery that gave it life flying towards it, hurled by the explosions.

The last thing it sees. The energy within the crystalline generator peaks momentarily, then lowers.

Silence engulfs the Station.
I reach inside Laura's duffel bag, hearing a faint noise that sounded a bit like an electrical discharge, before taking out what seemed to be a cattle prod. From there I begin to poke the sand, hoping that it could jump start Discord. But if not then there was a plan B. Unfortunately if that plan had to be carried out, then Discord would lose all of his memories from the time he had spent inside the Replicant.
I listen and sigh. "I think it's safe. There's no sounds coming from the bridge."
I'm dieing.

The prod's surge of electricity sends a burst of awareness through Discord, allowing him to more completely appreciate his predicament.

I'm trapped.

Discord considered this for several milliseconds. So far he had two truths to work with. He was dieing and he was trapped. It came as a surprise that one seemed so much more important than the other... and which one was more important.

I'm trapped!

At the second prod the container explodes violently as spikes of steel jut out in all directions. They stop about a foot from the container though, and it is instantly apparent that they are all connected.
(Presumably Zach drops the exploding sharp object)
The ball of spikes bounces once and comes to a stop on the floor. It shifts into a sand and forms into something more or less the shape of a replicant. Zack's radio picks up a weak signal. {I... Am damaged.}
"I know Discord, but I don't know what's required to repair you. I may be part Protoss, but I'm not exactly connected to the Khala. Anything I can do to buy you time?"
The radio crackles to life again. {Time I have. I could run like this for a week, maybe longer. But if I try to replicate something... it gets knocked down to hours. What I need is a nice safe piece of Kadarn crystal to store myself in.}
I think for a moment. I couldn't place him in the journal, but maybe...."I might have something for you." I rummage around in one of the pouches and pull out an amulet. "Just don't ask how I acquired it."
I shake my head, chuckling.
"I have a much better idea... Discord? Do you remember the Old High Templar whom was killed by my Clone while she was under the control of Doctor Vans?"
I begin to slowly unzip my coat, the beginnings of what seemed to be a burn scar visible under the coat.
Discord's voice flickers over the radio again. Perhaps it is your imagination, but he seems quieter. {Stuck inside the chest of an organic? Strike that. Stuck inside the chest of a psychopathic changeling? I suppose that could be entertaining.}
I chuckled a bit, my fingers plunging into my chest, my black blood spraying out, as my fingers grasp around a hard object, and I pull out a pure Khaydarin Amulet, covered in my black blood, which quickly drips off. I kneel down next to Discord.
"Only for a little bit, yes? Either way, I hope this will do~"
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The bridge is ripped apart. The Hybrid clings to the deck, trying to avoid being hurled into space. It turns just in time to see the battery that gave it life flying towards it, hurled by the explosions.

James Archer is hurled into space and dies.
There is an extremely bright arc of blue electricity between the crystal and the replicant that persists for almost a second. When it fades the replicant hovers for a moment then turns to dust.
{Transfer complete. Should be fun throwing psionic energy around for a change.} Granted I need an organic for that, but as luck would have it, I do have one.
I sigh, and place the Amulet back into my body, feeling neural tendrils surround it and connect to it, causing me to twitch a little as millions of lifetimes' worth of memories and knowledge, from every person I had killed, throughout my life, began to download into his core, as well as Vice Versa.
Ow... Are you beginning... to see images..?
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James Archer is hurled into space and dies

I controlled all the Reapers to save their lives. No one died.

IC: I shake my head as Andy does this, sticking the amulet I'd acquired from a 'dying' High Templar back in the pouch. Truth of the matter there was I'd put the bullet that killed him, in him. Not intentionally, but it had worked out. Wasn't sure I wanted to travel with Discord anyways.
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James Archer is hurled into space and dies.

Methinks someone is getting tired of this thread.


The crystalline generator has a bit of Hybrid paste on it, but still seems undamaged. It begins to hum faintly and glow.
I am...unsure of how to reply...Let me get back to the bridge first.

IC: Letting Andy and Discord talk, I head back to the bridge, sealing my helmet and activating the gravity generators on my boots and walking in. Spotting the generator, I curse. {Andy, it didn't work.}
I frown a bit. {Kick it off into Space. It's in the Void, it wouldn't be able to get out or do really anything..?}

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