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I was going to post everything.

Then HotS came out.

Gonna wait until everyone is done with it before I post.........
On the HoTS part or with putting stuff in here? And I'm sorry if I havent' posted anything about the marked. >.<
Keep on forgetting.
I'm waiting for people to finish with HotS before moving one, since they're not going to be back until then.

And could you post the Marked stuff sometime before this weekend? Some of the of Es classes have some stuff that relates to that.....
Okay, I'll try unless I'm caught up with Schoolwork.
Might as well post this:

Es classes:

Classes can be learned, but you can naturally learn them via personality

Juggernaut- Those who use this Es class are typically those with a past filled with rage. As a result, their anger has become part of their Es, their power rising with their temper. Users use their bodies as living battering rams, reducing pain and increasing their momentum to destroy anything in their path.

Prophet- When someone is adept in the way of the Prophet, it is most likely they have high hopes towards the future. Those who follow this path have better prediction skills and reflexes, with the more powerful users being able to see possible near futures. They also wield telekinetic powers, using their mind to manipulate nearby objects and infiltrating the mind. With this, they can also make telepathic links to anyone within their range

Creator- People who can wield the elements follow the path of the Creator, their hopes towards creating a better world. They can control their environment, using it to create things of nature to fight. They are known for their ability to create golems to serve their needs.

Destroyer- The Destroyer is the opposite from the creator, their power gained from a world that betrayed them. They use explosive energy blasts that can incinerate anything that gets in the way. The Destroyer can use their elemental powers, using it to cause destruction.

Watcher- These bystanders have the power of the shadows, using invisibility and illusion to guide their way. They can summon forth fake images to distract enemies, while using their assassination skills to good use. Users can also use their powers to find their way in absolute darkness.

Enchanter- The Enchanter is one who wishes to bring goodwill to those around them, using their power for good deeds. Users can create barriers and heal wounds, which become stronger as more positive emotions flow through. Users can also bless objects to give them powerful properties

Guide- People who wish to lead are usually Guides, inspiring their allies with their auras. Their Es naturally becomes a large aura which give allies nearby a boost of strength and power. These auras also reduce the damage one would receive, sometimes nullifying it completely if the aura is strong enough. However, the Guide themselves only receive the bonuses if the aura is kept to themselves, but it is doubled as a result.
most ... interesting ...
Still waiting for CR for that Marked stuff......
Still waiting for CR for that Marked stuff......
Working on it, I got it all typed out but then I accidentally deleted it all by accidentally pasting it over so I had to redo it. :\

And I'm having Morph redo the Dragon Marked thing that got deleted as well since he's already typing up the general dragon lore.

Abnormes Marked: The most feared and the most dangerous if they toy with their rare abnormalities for terrible deeds. They were the cause for the rebellions in the far past and the terrible war that followed it. Leading before the R-Virus took place into the world. These abnormalities involved mental prowess. Some have speculation that it was from a rare mutation that resolved from too much Es energy, no one truly knows. After the rebellions all individuals with such abilities were hunted down from existence. About 20 years ago they have been sighted once more, to curb public unrest the government kidnapped or paid parents for these individuals and they dumped them on these special farms and a group of 200-something were stashed in a secluded Mountain Community... Never to escape and always guarded. They mark them with a brand so they can find them if they escape.

Current number of Abnormes Marked: 1,254 under Government sanction, total number unknown.

Damnatorum Marked: Criminals that chose to be drafted into the military than face execution, or even prison. Volunteers as they called them... Only they wanted to be somewhat free after what happened. They aren't treated much better once they have changed their life and a few even left them banished into the wild as to escape such a fate. All of them are marked on the face and hands, as well as on the back. As in order to find out who is one of the damned.

Current number of Damnatorum Marked: 8,643 under Military Sanction, total number 15,641

Anguis Marked: Many have been chosen over the millennia but very few have ever fulfilled their destiny and become 'riders'. The trial(s) each marked must overcome to become riders varies from dragon to dragon. Only Anguis Marked that knew they were marked and Dragons knew about the existence of riders and other Anguis Marked. There is no symbol of being marked like the others. In fact... it's impossible to tell if one is marked. For it's their spirit that's marked with the burning passion of the dragon.

Currnet number of Anguis Marked: Unknown

I know that there's one more I can do for you if you need it... I was thinking of four but I can't think of the fourth one.
Naits some info on terrain would be nice ... unless I can take some liberty with it ... this is mostly so I can decide on some stuff for dragon lore ...
You can take liberty on the terrain. The only thing you need know to is:

- The planet is very massive (but somehow maintains Earth-like gravity levels)
- There is a super continent called The Ring which wraps around the planet
- Oceans are vast on this planet
- Terrain can vary drastically here (so, have fun with making your own)
hmm ... that is going to mean a lot of interesting stuff happening in RP ... OK off to work on dragon lore more ...
Fade Dragon Lore
Ancient, powerful and wise Dragons always watched over and guided the other races. They had several great cities nestled deep in the nearly impossible to traverse, by the other races, Spineback Mountains. The only safe ways to reach the dragon cities, which have fallen into ruin and disrepair since the rise of the R-virus, is on either Dragon back or through secret tunnels hidden deep within the Dragon's Hallow. Within the Spineback Mountains are many valleys teeming with enough large game to feed thousands of full grown dragons for some time. The existence of Dragons has always been greatly tied to Es thus when the R-virus appeared the Dragons were hit the worst. By the time the R-virus was contained everyone thought that the Dragons were extinct and technically they were. However they had prepared an ark of sorts in the most important part of the Dragon's Hollow. Around one hundred eggs were secreted away inside the Aulam ex fatalibus (Hall of Fate) and sealed from the R-virus shortly after it appeared. All of the eggs that were sealed in the Aulam ex fatalibus are enchanted to wait until the time when their rider passes his or her trial(s). Rider and Dragon must decide what their partnership means as it can and often will vary from pair to pair.
Alright. I have everything I need. Expect the RP to be up soon.
Yay!!! *jumps around and does happy dance* ... oh wait ... need to finish a few edits to the dragons for ES classes ...
Yay!!! *jumps around and does happy dance* ... oh wait ... need to finish a few edits to the dragons for ES classes ...
Yeah, and I keep on telling Zarkun that he might want to check out the classes and technically he has Es powers without being part of a class.... Just saying.

Hmm... so far my one main character I know is a mix of a few of the classes due to personality but she can easily hope for a new world but betrayed at the same time...
OK edited CR what do you think of Sevilit? post 14
I don't know why you keep making me repeat myself. He said Jason was fine.
I said that this should be up soon, which I am sad to say that this will not be the case. I have been busy with plans I've had for the break. I still need to type out and edit the stuff on Word before I can even post the sign-up sheet with the information.

If everything works out, my plan is to have everything edited by tonight and have the sign-up sheet tomorrow.

If it doesn't............ Don't expect this RP to start anytime soon....
We shall persevere!

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