Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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I smiled back, resting my head back down as if nothing happened. "Okay... You go have fun changing."


Shade agreed. "Yes he is. Just how though is the question... And I bet he isn't in a good mood about it because he's probably thinking that it's his fault that he couldn't stop it.

I wasn't aware of this, Shadow... And Umbra knows that she can't easily change something. Raven could have suffered earlier today, and Korzis suffered as well. Suffered from severe pain in his back... Cynthia was the extreme case... And lockdown? Dear god I'm kept in the dark it seems... Or I'm just so tired that I never pay attention.
Cayl nods. "Most likely. He reminds me of a younger me, when I tried my damnedest to stop bad things..." I limp down the hall, attempting to avoid being seen by anyone. That's when I noticed my hair in a mirror. Stopping, I looked at it.

"The hell? What...what happened?" Katarn's voice spoke in my mind. It is to show that you've changed. My power was merely the beginning to unlocking your own. You'll understand as you mature. I sigh. "Right..." I keep going, heading for the dorms.

OOC: Anyone can see him.
"On Cynthia's case... I believe I'll try to connect the rift network with the simulations... I've been trying to do that for a while now to send the simulated version of someone to somewhere else. That could help eliminate our problem in getting them somewhere safely so they don't suffer from extreme injuries... Next, we can either use relays or a ship to transmit the signal so it's far enough for the rift to open." Shade says. "But in some cases... Going on foot without the simulations will be the better solution at times... No matter the consequences."

Shade shows Cayl the PDA. "On here it's talking about The Remnant? And the only thing about a Remnant that I can think of it a fragment... Usually of the past. What was on that ship that could be important? Is it a weapon, the genetic blue prints to the man himself who we killed twenty years ago... Or is it an idea for peace? There are so many questions and they will never be answered."
Cayl leans back, tapping his chin as he thinks. "Who knows? We know the Lierths are Purists, so peace is unlikely."
IC:Well i was just thinking that since i'm not alone here anymore i might want to add something to assist allies. IS there any for m of missiles that woudl assist allies, something that might help against protoss lasers, or spread chaff to help against terran missiles, or anything else like that?
The PDA was back in Shade's hand. Looking across the text. "It doesn't matter if they are Lierth's... They are also new people who don't have to follow everything about their father. And remember, being a purist is actually quite common in the sector. So you can't blame them for being so... I want them dead as well, but getting them too see their ways would also be a success..." A fragment... A fragment of what though? "Think about it... It could be peace... We don't know much about them."
Boris arrives at the Hive, and takes a seat, deep in thought.

I dig in to a pile of food, feeling guilty for what happened to Cynthia.

I enter the room set for me and Omicron, and I take a nap.
"They retrieved it from a ship that was under their father's command. It's not peace, even if that's what they wanted."

Regina nods, a hologram for a PDD appearing. "We can retrofit your banshee to deploy Point Defense Drones."

Reaching my room, I open the door and go through the motions, walking in and laying down as the door closed and locked be hind me. "Rossa, get the cautorizer." There's a beep of affirmative and then she appears at my side. I nod and close my eyes. "Here we go again." Anyone walking past my room could hear the grunts of pain.
"Cayl... I'm creating a multitude of theories right now... Trying to figure out which one it is. It might be a war machine for all we know or a method in controlling... Void Beings... The Demon is Void Being... Those creatures we spotted... were Void Beings... And they were controlling them?" Shade says, worried.
Cayl chuckles. "No, they simply managed to avoid being detected or jumped. There's a large difference."
"Like I said... Making theories is what we do, is it not? But it is a thing we must keep an eye out on... I secretly overheard on the ships PA system... I didn't hear much but the woman sound... excited to see it?" Shade says, "I just want to make sure that we figure out what this 'Remant' is."
He sighs and faces Shade. "Look, we know they're trouble. We know they're Purists, probably even more extreme than their father. Hell, they put a f*cking gun to Terance's head when he helped Cynthia. They can't be reasoned with."
"If I was in combat with someone and they were trespassing... Technically we were... And they might use that against us and they might win... I would press a gun at someones head."
"All he did was keep her from putting another round of energy buckshot into Cynthia. That's it. You think that warrants a gun to the head?"
"If they were truly wanted to kill us they would be scouting the planet right now. They might just want to learn everything about the organization their father lead, Cayl. And Shade is right, technically we were trespassing on their property. It would belong to them." Zaros says from the doorway. "And if she was angered about someone disrupting a fight, she would likely do that. I know at one point I would've done so."

I awoke and stifled a yell of pain to a mere grunt.
Cayl shakes his head and resumes his search. "You two need to get out more..."
"Cayl, that doesn't matter... We should give them a chance." Shade winces in pain at saying that. "We could talk to them about the matter..."


I heard Korzis waking up and I put my hand on him. "Shh... We might get a pony if we behave."
"Not likely. The boy tried a few times to put a bullet in Korzis' head. Face it, sometimes you can't reason with people."
"What the?" I mumble out in my pain. "Have you gone insane?"
"They are definitely going to be vicious and dangerous in combat... New question, if they aren't part of the Commune, then what?"


I stroke his arm, bored, eyes all glassy like. "No... Just crazy. I'm not right with my mind yet."

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