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"That, young Hunter, is over confidence."
IC: "let me repeat myself but in other terms. I will win. no matter what"
"Really? I'm sure the Okami clans would love to hear a human Hunter say that."
"So you say you have large determination, not overconfidence?"
Graal overheard all of this and said something to Nasu. "Once you are backed down in a corner like an animal, you'll become more dangerous and fight back like a monster. At times it'll be luck, at times it's a blood rage you can't control. I've ran in a gang and I know when I'll lose, I know to never back something into a corner... But I was backed into a corner against a rouge apparently... Your instincts take over."
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"So you say you have large determination, not overconfidence?"

i give a nod to the person who said that in sign of confirmation
"Once more, it's overconfidence in disguise. You'll learn the hard way someday."
Altun reenters the warded area.
"I banished the beast from whence it came."
He watches the imp hit the ground. "Helsing, I would not presume to tell you how to test mortals, but was not the whole point of bringing these monsters here Through my wards so that you could test the others? Shooting them before you have begun is a counterproductive waste of time."
"I'm not going to shoot them unless they prove more than this group can handle. If that happens, I'll step in."
IC: "i'll volunteer to be tested first if i have a choice" i say shrugging
"Group test. Saves time. Not to mention you'll be working as a group."
IC: "teamwork. good first exercise i guess"
Graal snorts. "For you perhaps... Since you don't know it probably."
"Well, you better learn quickly. Cause from here, i can tell that you aren't going to work with others that easily."(to darkra's char)
IC: "its been the first time someone actually wanted to work with me" i reply
"I wonder why... You just seem like an arrogant !@# right now. At least the people I ran with knew the concept and we were just petty criminals."
IC: "hey when you're the lowest demon hunting family you get picked on. People don't give you respect and you have to fend for yourself. no offense to any of you but i just met you guys and we aren't exactly on trusting terms just yet"
"Family eh? I didn't have a mother or father, I just had a close knit of friends who I grew to like as family... Then they were taken off the map... A criminal isn't given respect, they are put down like dogs... Funny thing how I killed an oversize one with a shipping crate."
"Trust, Since we're all here on Tobi's orders, I'd say we can trust one another not to stab each other in the back."
I say, speaking up.
"Well, i can agree with that at least."

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