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So this build actually works really well, the other terran couldn't do a thing, it's like going mech in tvz, just @###!%#% show.

Here's the replay it's an interesting game, I'd like feedback on this build, this was my first time trying it so it was quite sloppy.
Hellions have been nerfed to all hell since that build was invented (-5 damage to light with bf), so it's much harder to execute nowadays.

Will be even weaker in HotS, with widow mines to shut down banshees.
I did it almost every TvT until the hellion nerf. Then they can just kill you with mass marines.

It was so much fun though!
A fast thor off an expansion will kill you as well. I stopped doing the build when the other player commented that all he had to do was build a thor to win and win he did.

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