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Didn't fix it...
I've just tested the new beta driver (314.22), no resolution to these issues. However, it did change the end result of the errors received. Before this patch I'd get a black screen with a looping sound, a game freeze, or artifacts severe enough to render the game unplayable. With this new patch all of those issues have been replaced with a blue screen of death, followed by my desktop resolution being dropped to it's lowest setting after the restart completes.

Many much fail on Blizz/Nvidia's part for allowing this to continue for so long after launch.
Not sure if this is relevant, but I this crash is now happening on all of the games I play...

I hear you brother, at first i just wastn able to play SC2, but now i cant play League of Legends because it has spread to it as well. Im still able to play Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 for now but i fear that "thing" will spread to those game as well =( im really disappointed in this issue and i hope it gets resolved soon.
WOW!! I removed the Battlenet Cache Folder and now its stable at ULTRA again

EDIT: DOH!! After a few missions the freezes and crashes returned. Now back to LOW
hello Blizzard??? anybody there??? can you listen to us???

I found this on AMD's website, I've tried pretty much everything...
I've been sent to the desktop a few times with the following error(4 times total playing through both the WoL and HotS campaigns):

"StarCraft II has encountered an unexpected DirectX/OpenGL error. This may indicate an issue with an out-of-date videocard driver. If the problem persists, for more information consult our support website at"
Error code: E_FAIL (80004005)

  • NVidia drivers 310.90, 314.07, 314.22 are all affected
  • All the above drivers were installed with NVidia's "clean installation" option
  • Single GPU system/No SLI
  • Occurs with both "suggested" settings, and manually modified settings (primarily setting Lighting to medium, due to huge frame rate loss after graphics engine changes)
  • Second Monitor is displaying temperatures/voltages at all times, all within acceptable ranges (58 C for GPU, 40 C for CPU)

I suspect a number of people in this thread are running into heat/stability issues (particularly if you end up with a BSOD)... however this hardware is well vetted, and this particular graphics card has been tested reliable for number crunching via CUDA applications (which stress it far beyond what SC2 is capable of...)
I'm Having very similar problems im running a Geforce GTX 295 GPU with i7 860 CPU and a corsair 850 Watt power supply. I am able to play sims 3 with no problems, I have ran the Furmark Stress test and no errors came up and i have done ram testing as welll as CPU testing and no errors came up. My issue occurs when playing Starcraft HOTS (I only play multiplayer) the monitor will lose its signal but the computer will stay on ill hear a sound loop in the background but nothing else. Sometimes i can get 3 to 4 games in before this happens i can get these many games by running the bug repair in the help screen on the starcraft launcher. However usually the screen will just lose signal while playing the game. The screen ALWAYS loses signal no matter what during the pre loader for HOTS by JNKW, i have not once been able to get through that without the screen losing signal not sure if this helps but let me know if I need to give any other information the GPU runs at no higher then 60 degrees celsius and CPU is under 50 during starcraft gameplay..
Been 2 weeks now and still no fix... this is ridiculous!
There is a serious lack of official posts on this problem. There are many other forum topics on this and I have yet to hear of a fix. This is a serious problem and could be damaging people's graphics cards.
No problems through beta, and now every time I try to play online ranked matches my game freezes and I drop to the desktop. Not fun and not what I paid for, is this Diablo all over again? hmmph:(
There is a serious lack of official posts on this problem. There are many other forum topics on this and I have yet to hear of a fix. This is a serious problem and could be damaging people's graphics cards.

Yes seriously. Also the fact that its "Spreading to other games" is a serious serious issue as I'm not crashing in any of the other games people are listing as now having problems with. I actually suspect that this may be damaging graphics cards as the artifcating is EXACTLY what you would see on a damaged piece of hardware. Unreal this is such a toxic dangerous issue on a game that is selling incredible well. Millions upon million of dollars of damage potential on this and we cant even get blizzard to update this sticky. Worse even if they do find that this is killing graphic cards this sticky would probably be wiped and deleted before they admitted that as that would basically erase all profits from this expansion. THIS SUCKS

I apologize for the lack of updates. I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that this issue is still under investigation.We're also keeping a close eye on all the new reports coming in.

I've updated the sticky thread to include steps on how to cap your framerate and to collect one additional piece of information.

"Graphics Card Make/Model/Manufacturer (EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte etc.) and BIOS version"

Same as before, if you have already provided a copy of your Dxdiag and Variables.txt, please update your post with the information.

**Note** It's important to remind everyone that this thread is specifically for those experiencing the issues described in the first post. If you are experiencing other framerate issues, please create a new thread so that we can help troubleshoot the issue.
Greetings All,
I am crashing to the desktop several times a day while playing the campaign since I installed SC II HotS. It happens both during a cinematic and actual game play.

I am running the NVidia Geforce GTS 240. I actually had one whole day in the middle of the first 3 worlds of no ctd's, however the next day it started again. Is it that some missions are not as demanding on the card as others? The same box pops up every time telling me to update the driver and I check to see if there is a newly released version every other day and install it if there is.

I just installed the latest driver 314.22 this morning and am afraid to see what annoying horror awaits me if any. I decided to read the forums here and at NVidia to see if it is working for others before starting up and continuing with the campaign. So frustrating not to be enjoying what I deem to be the best video game ever since I got the original Starcraft game for free with my very first personal computer, and that was an old Gateway that played both SC and SC/BW with no problems for quite a few years.

I am a novice when it comes to video cards as to what changes I can try, all I can do is trust the updates provided by Nvidia.

BTW, since I have not seen my particular graphics card (GTS 240) mentioned in any forums is that mine may be out of date? I have had no problem ever with Wings of Liberty. I bought this computer specifically to play SC II when it came out about 2 years ago. Any input on this particular card from this fantastic and most informing forum would greatly be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

UPDATE!!! 4/2 !!!!!

Since installing the latest driver 314.22 I have not had one single crash to the desktop. I have done at least 5 missions since then.
Updated my thread with the Graphics Card information Roraks.
Hi Shiva

I think I hv the exact same card as you. This card is supposed to be shipped oc'd by the manufacturer. In my latest attempt to resolve this issue, I hv throttled back the XFX HD R7770 to stock values GPU = 1000MHz & Memory = 1125MHz (ie no manufacturer's overclock). So far stable at ULTRA for a day. Let me know if this works for you.

I am actually very surprised by this since I have not had any problems with games prior to SC II
Ok updated my original post with my graphics card and BIOS info.
Updated original post again.

****3/27/13 Update****
Updated Drivers to 314.22. No noticeable difference.
Hard set the FPS to 30 in the variables.txt per the OP. Still crashes.

Video card is EVGA GTX560 Bio Version:
Updated original post.

Also anyone posting about the condition spreading to other games, please try to uninstall your gpu via device manager, restart the computer then go back into your device manager and scan for new hardware. Windows should do the rest. This should fix the issue with any other game that you are now experiencing the symptoms with.

If you don't feel comfortable with this try installing a older driver, 306.23 should fix the issue as well. As far as i know this is a fix for Nvidia, and if you are having the same issue with AMD you can try these steps as they may or may not work.

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