Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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Hybrid vehicles.

Look at Terance's vehicles. They're both Hybrid vehicles.
IC: Sam face became cherry red at serenity comment. "That is very inappropriate to ask people and kinda a private issue" Sam nervously laughs out
A gunshot goes off and one of the computer screens in the room starts sparking. Something had shot it. "My bad, I was aiming for the base of the bed, I am sin-sin-sin-sincerely sorry miss Cyn-Cyn-Cyn-Cynthia." An AI voice speaks.

"She isn't cheating."
OOC: erm ... caprindo ... did you just say something about Serenity's shifting abilities? when she hasn't changed form AT ALL!

OOC: Shifting=Very good at dodging. I usually refer to shapeshifting as something else. Will edit and remember though. Sorry.
They are both Hybrid Vehicles.

OOC: I was thinking of the monster Hybrids, Marr and such. my mistake. I retract me statement.
"She isn't cheating"

OOc: Just picked up your the father. Not good at guesswork. Apologies.
I looked at horror at my computer. "My computer... And I'm being watched.... Father created you didn't he." I say loudly... "How about you just hide and we continue with what we were doing and we'll say it never happened..."
"I-I-I am sorry, miss. But I cannot go ag-ag-ag-against my programming. Your fa-fa-father made sure of that." The AI responds. "The las-las-laser pointer was supposed to be a warning."
"If you don't force yourself to stop your programming I will!" I made myself clear that I was serious. Zaros was overprotective at this point and I was a grown adult.
"I-I-I cannot. It is impossible. Your-your-your father is not old fashioned. He is not like the gr-gr-gr-Greeks." The AI answers. "You are-are-are st-still a child by relative terms. You a-are part pro-pro-Protoss."
"Where are you connected to and I'll shut you down... Don't worry, I'll make sure that you are reawakened."
"I b-believe my prog-prog-programming is centered in... Oh, no, I sh-sh-shall not speak my lo-lo-location to you." The AI speaks in response.
"You either tell me right now or when I do find you... you won't exist ever again." I warn the AI until Snow comes in and deactivates the other AI.

"Sorry about that my mistress." Snow replies as she leaves.

I look back down at Dante, "now where were we?" I say

[Dear god no! All hands on deck! Every student is warned now of a blackscreen approaching on this sector! HAND CHECK!]
I watch Shade and Raven go through their sim while watching Flint and Zack fight. The four of them...hell, that was certainly different. "Alicia, if we were to ever end up on any of these guys' hit list, who would you rather it be?"

"Certainly not Zack or Flint, Those two I know we wouldn't have a chance against... Shade or Raven we might be able to take on with Stef's help."
I say, a little surprised at the choice of topic.

Really CR? Really?
Sorry comp being stupid ... ic to be added ...

My cheeks flush crimson at the question Serenity just asked. I knew what she meant but it was still embarrassing to be asked that. "That is something you don't ask Terrans ever."

I was embarrassed and ashamed with myself for asking them that. "Sorry I don't know much about terrain social customs. I will remember to never ask that again."
Really CR? Really?
Yes.... Really, you don't know me well enough if you haven't seen my hilarious moments with these. XD
"Certainly not Zack or Flint, Those two I know we wouldn't have a chance against... Shade or Raven we might be able to take on with Stef's help."
I say, a little surprised at the choice of topic.

I note the surprise and grin. "What, you think I'm not philosophical?"
I shake my head;
"No.. it's not that... It's just.. these people are on our side, Terance."
I say.
IC: "Its ok you didn't know our customs" Sam says while his face is returning to its normal color

Well this is akward, and for some reason I'm remeber last night He thinks to himself

OOC: I'm off for the night
I sigh, remembering Omega Quadrant. "For how long? Once we leave this place, we all go back to who we were before. Well, except for the couples, but...who's not to say some of these people won't hold a grudge? Over even something like bumping into each other in the hall."
OOC: Still feeling the nub, must ask: Am I in the conversation or not Morph? Check my earlier post to see my answer the shifting problem.
I really want to join this RP but i simply dont have the time and its too confusing. Like the org. DH near the end.

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