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Ever since the huge update on starcraft 2 started right before they released heart of the swarm my computer started lagging after only playing for 20 to 30 minutes. I am not sure what it is, i checked to make sure I still have the minimum requirements and I still do. Before the patch was released i used to be able to play the game on medium now i am struggling just playing on low. If you have any info on this let me know, cause i find it rather annoying that i can't even play two games in a row without it starting to lag to the point where i cant move my units properly.
I also seemed to have the same problem when blizzard released one of the patches in Diablo 3, where the same exact thing would occur. Please let me know if you have any info on how to fix this or what is causing it.
i don't suppose there's any chance the new patch / HotS interacts with either microsoft silverlight or shockwave flash? Before the patch / hots i could have music playing on youtube in the background and play no problems. Now i get huge framerate drops and heck of audio stutter if i have any audio / video running in the background.

It's not a system issue; it's only since HotS really.
I have the same problem. I get huge lag spikes every 5th minute and they last for about 5 seconds. The game is also very laggy overall when i'm playing.

Unplayable when going bio.
Same problem my game spikes evey 5 mins or so for a couple of seconds. I have a thread with a blizzard rep investigating the issue post your specs in my thread and do a pathping and a traceroute on my thread so he can se that a couple of people are having this issue I hope that there a regoing to fix it in a update soon !
Alright thanks a lot, lets all just hope they fix the issue soon cause its rather annoying, my friend knows a little bit about computers and he was suggesting maybe its the game cashes storage that is deleting the cashes incorrectly therefore there is a build up of too much data. I am not sure exactly how this works but at least its an idea.
You are right ! Because each time there is a spike the Hard drive write files. Its a really good idea ! I just hope that they are investigating the issue !
Yeah i am not sure that is the exact cause of it but it would explain the lagging.. Now how to fix it is another story haha.
I just hope that blizzard could tell us that they are working on a fix
Still waiting for the fix too, but I knew it was game related and not computer related.
I think I am having the same issue. It only happens during gameplay not during cut scenes or inbetween mission phases. Every so often during gameplay I get about a 5 sec lag that freezes all motion and loops the sound that occurs in about 1/2 second - 1 sec period. Seems like the game might crash, but then gameplay goes back to normal. Intervals between lag spikes vary from mission to mission.
during gameplay huge lag... 0fps... spikes every 3-4 seconds...
I too have this issue. I was contemplating building a new computer because I thought it was a problem on my end. I guess I will wait to see if Blizzard is going to do anything about it first before I shell out the $$$ for a new comp!
right this is crap ive had sc2 since it came out, i got a new laptop so i wouldnt have to deal with lag and hots comes out and i get massive lag mid-late game -_-
lagging on my alienware m14xr2 is getting worst.. my d3 is still ok only on sc2
The only lag issues I am experiencing is when I play in multi-player games. When I play alone or 1v1 a comp I am fine. When I do a 3v3, I lag out so badly I cannot even react in time to attack.

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