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We have seen this happen with particular builds of computers, and a fix will be implemented in a future patch. We apologize for the difficulties, and we appreciate your patience.

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The last geforce driver I do not have this issue with is almost two years old!! (302.80)

I wonder what takes so long to find this bug.

Every time my screen freezes I come here to look if there is a solution already. Yes, it just happened again. But NOPE.
I'm having similar problems too. Windows 8.1 is the culprit? I'm using the latest drivers available from nVidia and don't have screen freezing in other games.
Probably a combination of windows 8, nvidia drivers and sc2. I cannot exactly remember if this started happening only after upgrading to windows 8.1. I have a 460GTX and play on the lowest settings, some speculated it's a bug with high end cards, it is not.
Using win 7 and also getting this issue.
Windows 8.1 2 screens same issue, specially when on a diffrent server. So ANNOYING!
Guess the same issue like the "StarCraft II has encountered an unexpected DirectX/OpenGL error " bug.... the where several threads even on just mad no changes after MONTHS of the fu**** bug or whatever i should call it
adding a reply because its been happening to me over the course of six months or so. On two different pc's. One a windows 7 and my current pc which is windows 8.1. Both pc's were running nvidia cards. My old pc used a
gtx570 and this one is currently running a titan. It's getting out of hand now. Happens once or twice a session.
Just started playing since back when it came out. Getting the freeze where the screen stops moving but the sounds and game still function (I can command troops and click on menus). I've uploaded my dxdiag file if you need it.

EDIT: I can reproduce it on video if necessary, although I assume it's pretty easy to imagine.
Hey Everyone,

Hate to sound like another complainer, but I am as well having this exact issue.

My MSi GT70 2OC has a GTX 770M and I have the 8.1 upgrade. I hate this so much. I'm glad everyone else is having trouble, glad but not glad, of course. At least I know I'm not the only one. My brother got me this notebook for a present and I hoped that it wasn't the computer.

Anyway, yeah at random times, everything stops (but runs in the background and commands can be issued), if I alt+tab and go back in, just black screen with cursor. Yadda yadda, you know the rest.

Well, glad there might be a fix in the future, as was said, ladder is hard enough as it is.. lol.

I hope this future patch comes soon. I'm getting this bug almost every other game. Not worth playing if you have to forfeit and quit every time because of a stupid bug.
My friend has this problem for months...
And so, he quit SC2 because of this problem...
I hope it will be fixed soon!!
Same problem, my computer is a msi gt60. I updated driver's and it still happens, even happen's during replays.
Yeah this is beyond annoying..
Still happening and getting worse! Tech support isn't helping neither. Started a reddit thread over at
I had the same problem....freeze in the game, then ctrl+alt+del back to taskmanager, then back in game....but i guess my problem is solved.

I changed my PSU and from now freezes yet sice many games and different days......i changed from my sharkoon rush power 600w to seasonic 660w.

additional i played in the options of nvida control center and changed "texture filter" to "high quality" and "texture filter-quality-Trinlinear" to "on"

Maybe only the change of the options solved it or options+psu change, dont know..

Maybe a little hint for you to solve your problems

My rig:
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 770 Windorce@stock
PSU:Seasonic 660w platinum
RAM: Corsair xms3 2x4GB
Mainboard: Z77 Pro3 AS Rock
02/24/2014 11:18 AMPosted by Velnrak
We have seen this happen with particular builds of computers, and a fix will be implemented in a future patch. We apologize for the difficulties, and we appreciate your patience.

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This has been happening for months , since long before the last couple patches. This isn't patience, this is ignoring the problem. This has followed me through Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 over the last year not to mention I don't even know how many different GPU driver updates, and it is still here.

Your company has literally gone to ... since you let Activision buy you, so congratulations on that. WoW has gone down the toilet, Diablo 3 was a massive failure and your expansion to D3 was a glorified add on that you charged way to much for the content it provided.

I am done with SC2 and Blizzard as a whole, you guys have proven one thing over and over and that it is greed is eternal and you don't [care] about your customers any more.

RIP the good old Blizzard who took pride in what they did and made damn sure the game was perfect before launching it.
This has been happening over the past few weeks and I'm almost done with the game. Please come out with a patch or I'm done. I know this threat doesn't mean much but I love this game so please get something out to fix.

AMD 6 core
nvida 570 ti

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