Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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"Knowing Stef he'll just arch an eyebrow, mainly at me wearing a dress, as it's not something I ever did... I just hope he plays the keys..."

Looking over the e-piano, I hook it up. Messing with the settings a tidbit, I test a short tune, a haunting bittersweet melody, my armored fingers flowing over the keys.
It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. "Keys? As in piano?" I chuckle, have evilly, half out of mirth. "I play the guitar myself. If they have one, could be interesting."
"To say Stef is good is one hell of an understatment; he prefers an electric set, as it enables him to play just about anything for any occasion... I've heard him play everything classic to metal..."

Continuing to play, the melody slowly shifts and changes, a fluid, improvised piece.
"I prefer the early 1990's to early 2000's. Best music from then. Few good songs older than that, but not many." Thinking for a moment, I look at Alicia. "What would you say to me playing a couple tonight?"
I laugh;
"That depends on if I let you off the dance floor..."
I say with a wicked grin.

The piece slowly makes a loop back to where it begin, retaining it's bittersweet, longing and wistful tone. Bringing the piece to a close, I blink and sniff;
...still gets to me, even now...
Shaking my head to clear it, I look up at Sam and Tari;
"Anything you'd like to hear?"
I ask.
I chuckle, shaking my head and giving her a quick kiss. "I've got a feeling you're curious to hear me play. Could be wrong, but you never know..." I had on a roguish grin.
"If I get tired, then sure, why not. I'm sure Stef wouldn't mind someone else playing."
I say, kissing him back.

Alright, I'm off, wouldn't want to hog too much space. G'night.
I nod, already running through the list of songs I know. "Suppose you're right. Might take a break myself before playing."

OOC: Night.
As I wander I end up in the dance hall and see the students had organized a party. I keep off to the side watching and listening. A few memories of the trip to earth begin to resurface as I hear the keyboard playing.

I continue to test the weapons that I had working out any kinks that shown up while test firing.

I remain in the library still reading through the books I had pulled out. I knew the party that the other planed was about to start and I didn't plan on attending. I never really did care much for parties anyway.
Zerak Kel looks through the window of his ship, Soul Chaser, at the barren wasteland of an environment. What madness would drive an entity to live in such a place? He asked himself mentally, making sure not to project any of his thoughts into the Khala. He would enter the Khala for guidance, or just to connect with others, but he disliked having thousands of minds speaking at once.

The Psi Hunter lands his ship on the unforgiving ground of the desert wastes. Not long after he landed the wind starts to pick up, causing sand to roll across the wastes. Zerak looked upon the trees, their leaves were coloured similar to that of the desolate ground. It was odd to him that the trees were alive, and more so that they were not green, but he had come to realize the massive differences of different species. His eyes scan across the limitless horizon of the world, but he saw nothing, no sign of this academy that he was pointed to whatsoever. But soon he heard a mechanical sound behind him. With a swift movement he turns around and aims his cannon, only to find a entrance way, only a foot away from Soul Chaser. The door opens and an armored being, that would have to be Terran from its height, exits with a gun raised and pointed at Zerak. "Who approaches with such confidence?" The Protoss mentally projects.

"My identity is not required by you. Your identity is required, and same with your purpose." The armored being replies, a he from the sounds of its voice.

"My identity shall be my kept until trust has been gained. My purpose however, shall be shared. I have arrived at this desolate planet in the seeking of something." Zerak Kel answers, his arms tense in case the need to battle arises.

"What is it that you seek?" The man who had come from the earth inquires.

"I seek the academy of this planet. I was given but only rough coordinates of its location, but it is no where in sight, I slightly feel as if I have been mislead." Kel answers.

"Is the academy by chance called the PanKorprulu Academy?" The man asks.

"Yes, it indeed is. What do you know of this place?" Zerak replies.

"I am a guard of the academy. What is your purpose there?" The guard questions, almost as if he were interrogating.

"My purpose is to train, for I was told it was a school of combat training. One in which my skills within combat be sharpened, and my mind strengthened." The Psi Hunter replies.

"Well then, come along, for this is the academy." The guard says, making a beckoning motion with his hands. Zerak then follows with nothing more than a nod. His mind was on Soul Chaser, and what would happen to it.
Hate to say this on a well written bit, but a name still would have been required. It's a foolish move to let someone in who refuses to give their name.
The bot looks at Leroy, but says nothing. Its arms reform slightly into canisters, then reforms into hands again. Its body tenses, giving it the effect of muscles rippling across its body. It glances around and then speaks again.

I stop fiddling with the AI, and go to my dorm to find something to get dressed in. I took another shower, and afterward, I decided to just use my suit for the party, thinking it was formal enough. I make my way to the Dance Hall. Someone was still in the room after I left.

I put the book away, and notice Greggor reading a book of his own. I walk over to him and tap his shoulder carefully, trying not to hurt him. I lean over to him and whisper "Are you not going?"
"No I am not. I have never really been one for parties." I reply with out looking up from the book I was reading.
I look up at Stefan. "Not really though I guess just something that is well festive and upbeat." I was somewhat wondering where everyone else was but figured they were likely finishing up other things and getting ready.
"That's no excuse. We're about to celebrate the day that someone was given life, and you want to just sit here and read? It's quite rude, in my opinion." I say.
OOC: will give layout when everyone is there

IC: i walked up to Cynthia's dorm and knocked on the door
darkra ... CR is NOT here and no one knows when he will be back ... zark or SF will DM power everyone that wanted to go to the party there in a bit ... I think ...

EDIT: please don't waste posts on responding to this post ...

I hear the knock at the door and I open it... Amazed to see Dante in a formal outfit since we are going to a semi-formal event instead of a formal event. Interesting enough I was wearing a vest with fishnet gloving and a skirt going down to my feet. The vest was a beautiful purple with orange decorations on it and the skirt was black. Underneath were black heels. "Well, well... You sure fancied up for the party." My hair was brought back in a bun but I have bangs in front of my eyes as well. Eye shadow included. The vest showed my neckline and was curved down to reveal a part of my chest and neck.
IC: "wow...... uuuhhh....." i say before handing her my gift. " real smooth man......real smooth" Jack says in my head sarcastically.
Korzis sheathes the longsword and straps it to his hip, his hands moving swiftly from the practices. As he finishes that he re-orients his simple suits and heads for the party.

Zerak Kel follows behind the man. "Will you give up your name now? Otherwise I will have to call you Protoss."

If Zerak had a mouth he would have sighed. "I suppose I shall. I am called Zerak Kel."

"Interesting name for a Khalai." The guard comments. The doorway completes its descent and Zerak Kel sees the metal wall of one side, and the other side he could see a beautiful land, rivaling the beauty of many worlds he had seen. The man noticed the Protoss' gaze. "That is an artificial environment that was rigged up to give people a place of beauty to go to. As well as being an experiment."

"It rivals the beauty of the most fanciful places that I have visited. It is astonished what you Terrans have accomplished here." Zerak projected back in response.
Destron: As I was slithering down the hall I saw Cynthia and Dante in strange attire. "Hello fellow students, may I inquire but what is unusual attire for???" I say in a steely monotone.

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