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IC: "so you're willing to take risks now. You've grown Cynthia. Sure i'll move in, Just keep your dad's AI off my back"
"Death shall come to Dante much longer. In other words, he will live needing to keep looking over his shoulder until Zaros comes down and tortures him for a little, then splits his head in half, unless Cynthia somehow stops him. So Dante's life is now in Crymson's hands."

Zaros has a look of surprise as the others come through the opposite doors. They were Protoss. The High Templar and two Zealots he had seen when he had landed. "En taro Kerrigan." The High Templar said in greeting, and this nearly made Zaros chuckle, for Kerrigan was once their worst enemy, and now was one of the greatest heroes in the minds of the Protoss.

"Hello, Templar. I understand your master wanted to speak to me. Where is he?" The official asked.

"He is no master of us. Also, Terran, there are two. Just the boy would request to speak, for his sister is unavailable." The Protoss responded. The Templar then pulled out a small crystal attached to a projection device of some sort. "This device is what he shall contact you through. It will take a few moments."

One of the officials sighed and said, "We will wait then."
So Dante's life is now in Crymson's hands."

IC: I grin devilishly, "That's good... In my fathers eyes I'm a child... Due to Protoss genetics but I'm also human so I'm an adult in my view... " I say, my hand reaching for his, giving a good grip as I let go. "The AI will be locked out of my rooms system so he'll be kicked out of my room in a sense... And then later we could have some more... fun. No one would know." It was addicting, the energy that was given off, the feeling.

OOC: Yep, so bored. XD
And I would take SF's threat seriously.
IC: "no more 'fun' for now. Its addicting i know..... but i've never been one for addictions"
Yes but at the same time no. Warrior does NOT instantly mean war. So A remove it or B edit it to Egyptian Warrior God which frankly is redundant as all Egyptian gods were warriors.
"You understand in almost all religions with multiple gods there is more than one god put to each area. Yes, there are those with their primary spheres and are the primes there, but for example Kratos, he was a god of war, but the primary and most powerful god of war was Ares."
"Aw! You are no fun, Dante." I say laughing. "No fun at all, ya know that?" I ask him. "But that wont stop us later, will it?"
IC: "i dunno. I either lose it or...." i say before punching a wall "i'll make a dent in you room trying to stop myself"
I was wondering why Darkest Heart was so quiet on a Friday. Turns out all I had to do was look here.
OOC: You can set up a character Zanon. We aren't into the mission yet.
I was wondering why Darkest Heart was so quiet on a Friday. Turns out all I had to do was look here.
I'm still waiting for others to post in there.
@Cap, he's just wondering where everyone's at. XD

IC: I gave a nod. "How about we wait again until we are more... ready? How does that sound? After all if you think about it, I'm here to help you calm yourself while you are here to help me... Funny how that works?"
IC: i give a chuckle. "guess so.... will you excuse me for a second" i say before briefly rounded a corner. "HOLY F!CK THAT HURT!!!" I scream before walking back "m'kay i'm back"
{{No idea in truth Dani. I did hear that on of the planets near the nebula has some interesting plants that would probably be good eating. Might end up investigating it when I can.}}
I sigh and look at a box that sat on desk. Inside was something that I have been working on longer than this Academy or other projects that I had done0... I shake my head to clear my thoughts and begin filling out paper work that was needed to be done.

I sigh and close my book after reading the message on the PDA I was given. I put my armor on before heading to the Command area.
"Just need to fix something. And why would Dante scream profanity? Nothing other than the fact that he was now told he could have sex whenever he wants. I bet Zarkun would envy that."
I just stood there in confusion. "Why were you just screaming just a few seconds ago around that corner?"
IC: "i may or may not have hurt my fist..... when i punched the wall"
"So you are just now screaming you dumb !@#?!" I yell at him, dumbfounded that he didn't say anything about it hurting and going around a corner to scream about it. "You are weird..."
IC: "wow..... calm down. I should probably go get something for this"
well ive been talking with others on DA and i decided to make a character in case i decide to join. So here it is.

Name: Teldarlix (suggested by ARMofORION on DA (hey, i had to give him credit ok?))
Age: 290 years old
Unit Mix: Mostly zealot, has a stalker weapon and can blink but nothing else that is different from the average zealot.
Abilities: Blade Fury(Slashes at enemies with psi blade very quickly for a short time) Blink (Short range teleport)
Used Weapons: Psi blade(one arm), Modified Particle Disruptor (to be mounted on a gauntlet on other arm)
Special Notes: Not as physically strong as most protoss, due to at both ranged and melee combat and not specifically melee. Also can concentrate enough to be able to blink(teleport).
Vehicles: Phoenix, Immortal

Note: Im not that much of a creative person if you're wondering about my character. Feel free to give suggestions.

Note2: No idea whats going on right now in the RP. And i dont have the time to read 12 threads to catch up.
I just twitched my eyes as my hand gripped tight on his bad hand, the one that he hit the wall with. Pain flaring through before I used some energy to start repairing the hand from stupidity as well. "That was the stupidest thing you could have done just now... And no, I will not calm down over something that stupid... Next time if you have some frustration, put it to good use..."

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