Darkest Heart II

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"I sort of had an altercation with some wolves on my way here." I chuckle at the look Noct was giving me. "Actual wolves not werewolves. I know the difference." Most of the time. I add to myself.

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IC: "I have a bit of spare alcohol that i carry around for cleaning wounds. Will that work?"
Graal was just staring dumbfounded at what was going on. "This has turned out to be an interesting time we are having... Eh?" He asked because he was nervous being around people who were... What was the word he was thinking of?
"Depends," Noct stated, half joking and half seriously, "Is it enough to make a Molitov out of?"
Alistair looks at Noct, a look of disappointment crossing his face briefly. "No explosives in the manor, nor around it. You forget we sit at the bisector of all the greater packs."
I chuckle and shake my head, doing a bit of maintenance on Angel's Breath;
"Why do you insist on putting you brother through so much misery?"
I ask Noct absently.
"Oh no," he says waving his hands frantically, "Its not going into the manor. Its going into Solaris's private stash. I did warn him about misbehaving, and this should help him sober up really damn quick." He says, giving his brother an evil smile.
Alistair frowns, looking at Noct closely. "You are aware you are all staying here, correct? Therefore, that explosive will be in the manor."
Rolling his eyes, Noct reaches down in to his protesting accomplice's pocket. With a tug, he pulls out a small astral pyramid. A tesseract, of sorts.

"Solaris specializes in manipulation of the fabric of space. More specifically, storing huge amounts of stuff in relatively tiny places. This's a small gateway to a fold in space."

Crushing it and waving his hand through the air, he weaves a small portal revealing a massive library with books decorating its humongous shelves which stretched on to infinity, as far as the eye could perceive. It would not be a stretch to put the numbers in millions.

"The fire would be contained in here, and not go anywhere else. Now, if you would, Alistair?"
Zarkun, did I miss a post somewhere about the battle's resolution?
By the power of DMing, you're all eating back at the mansion.

IC: The Alpha's body lay on the ground, already fading into ash. The sergeant gave me his thanks before setting to work disposing of the dead. I walk into the forest and take flight, heading back to the mansion. Alistair grinned. "Master Tobi is on his way back."

Si, this one.
I arch an eyebrow, carefully looking through the portal from a safe distance;
"That's interesting..."
"Yep ..." I look into the portal not having moved from where I had been sitting.
I look through the portal. "Umm.....I've seen weird things in my life but that takes the cake."
Alistair raises an eyebrow, clearly suspicious. "And what about your last visit and your promise that those creatures wouldn't follow you out?"
"Yeah..." Noct trails off, "I was unaware of our pursuer having enough time to cross worlds, as the portal was already crumbling." He states with a shrug and a half-frown. "Not only was it significantly damaged by its crossing, I would have dealt with it myself if it went any further than the boundary fence. Anything from the ways has a habit of decaying as it leaves its home-world, and quite rapidly too."

Solaris tries to thrash free of the rope binding him, but his jailer just tightens them slightly and the motions swiftly cease.

"Besides, my fun little surprise for Solaris only has one way in and one way out. The gateway, as you see before you, can be collapsed once again into its tesseractal form.

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I shake my head;
"Me thinks you torment you brother too much."

Morrjo, please don't distract us from the plot too much.
Alistair shakes his head no again. "I still say no. Simply because the moment your brother finds it, he'll let it out to spite you."
With a sigh, Noct plants a foot on his younger accomplice. With a swift tug of one rope, the entire binding comes loose and with a sigh he tosses it back to Helen. He takes a few steps back and then turns to Seraphim with a bit of a grin.

"...No such thing!"

Solaris seemed to be passed out on the ground. Though, it generally isn't normal for such people to look blue...

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