Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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Old Cynthia was breaking through as the pain increased. The message was hard to ignore and it went through anyway. Burning into my mind as I shrieked from it all. The horrors that I could feel crawling under my skin like bugs.

Then I saw something in my mind... Daniel... I reached out towards the sky, trying to grab him. All attempts failing as I realize too late that it was a memory.

A snapping sound ensued. Growling from my throat as my body was changing and liquid fell against the sand. Moving swiftly as I was on all fours.
{Think I will.} Dropping things off and instructing them on how to set them up, I head to the detention cells.

"I trust myself to the Void and my own abilities. It's all I've had for a long time. I see Laura sometimes, but she and I...we're not speaking now..." I then sense Cynthia's change. "Damn that was fast..."
"I trust my abilities but I know that I have limits and should not exceed them. As for Cynthia what do you think we should do?" I ask sensing the change as well.
"Let her run. There have been times when my inner Zerg didn't want to kill, just to roam. She'll calm down and come back."
Destron: Razortooth hops into my chest cavity and I start to repair him. I head back to my room and lie down, healing like this took a bit and sapped some of my energy. While lying down I sensed Deathwing was wanting to be let out as he didn't get released as much as Razortooth did inside so I let him out and he happily started flying down the hallways, going at very high speeds.
IC: I felt a cry of anguish before i cut the connection. I winced, "Sorry Zack i may have made your job harder" i say before walking out the door
"Right..." I left off a sigh and summon the ball of blue energy back and begin to toss it between my hands while making it expand and contract from time to time,
Hearing a fly, the kunai flies out, pinning the fly by the wings on the wall opposite me. "Ha."
Satisfied, I walk out of the shooting range and go to see if I can meet someone new.
I sigh again and make the ball of energy disappear again in mid toss. "Seems even among our unique little group each of us have differences even though we are virtually the same."
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IC: I meet Cayl in the hallway. "How is the situation with Kelly going?"
I sorta DM'd retrieving the device Owl....

IC: I nod in agreement, watching the kunai knife vanish. "That we do. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't had these abilities the day I faced Narud..."

"She's grown quiet, so I'm going to check on her."
I sorta DM'd retrieving the device Owl....

IC: I nod in agreement, watching the kunai knife vanish. "That we do. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't had these abilities the day I faced Narud..."
OOC: Saw that. I was talking about meeting Cayl while he was heading to the detention center.

IC: As I approach Cayl, my sensors pick up on Deathwing hiding near the roof. I glance up at him. "Hello, Deathwing. I can see you quite clearly up there, so why not just come out of your hiding spot? I don't know about Cayl, but I do not mind your presence."

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I ran for two solid miles, straight. My legs giving up and buckling as human flesh was seen again. Face falling first into the sand. The sun beating down against my head. Tears sticking to the sand and the sand sticking to my face.
Not an inch of my body was moving. Breathing was the only thing that could be heard.
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"We probably wouldn't be speaking then." I state rather grimly. "I wouldn't be here either with out my abilities. It seems fate has a twisted sense of humor as well. We live forever and watch the universe expand and those we know age and die. What caused you to take the choice Zack? Were you near death and wanting to live or was the decision fueled by vengeance?"
OOC: Dang, there's too much drama going on for my character to get to know anyone!
OOC: Greggor is in the dorms section with his door open if you want to stop by.
Deathwing was flying around the halls when he heard Ceas. He stopped and grabbed onto the ceiling and partly concealing his precence. Even though Destron did not order him to he liked to observe others so he just watched.

Startled that Ceas said something to him he almost fell off the ceiling but kept on and said "Most beings do not like it when I sit and observe, therefore I have to hide. Though thankyou for not yelling and squaking like the others do when they find me or my companion."

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