Achievements disabled until further notice...

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Whenever im on Starcraft 2, whether campaign or multiplayer, i keep getting the message "Achievements disable until further notice". It also drops me from a party when im doing 2v2 or 3v3.

On my other account, however, I never have this problem.

So my question there any settings in the game that cause this? It cant be my internet or my firewall as id have the same problems on the other account.

Any ideas would be helpful.


Any help would be appreciated.
I am having the exact same problem, but it just started today. My Kerrigan achievements haven't been working for a long time, but now I get absolutely nothing. After signing out and logging in a few times I no longer get the actual "Achievements Have been disabled until further notice popup," but I cannot access the achievements or rewards pages under my profile (I can go to their tabs, but they're totally blank)
Man, I just got some time to get back in to the game and I wanted to go through WoL campaign and get all the achievements I haven't gotten yet.

Played Smash and Grab like 3 times in a row in under 15 minutes before I thought to check if it was down.

Cue sad trombone noise.
I expected at least a blizz employee to help out here......ah well
me too. i keep getting a message saying "achievements are disabled" and i get disconnected from searching for a game. and then a few seconds later the achievements are enabled again.

i havent had this problem before and started last week.
anyone know how to fix this? its still happening to me.
Still happening to me. I only have one account. Only campaign achievement occurring are the ones that happen through the dialog out of missions...
the same problem is happening to me and it wont allow me to do anything, or play any game online or single player. i need to fix this ASAP
Yup same here - any answers blizz?
I had been playing a few games (I had just changed the portrait, skins, etc). In the beginning of the game I was lagging which happens about once every two months. Once it stopped lagging it said the same thing it is telling you guys, "Achievements disabled until further notice".
It has happened to me too : "Achievements disabled until further notice". It's been like that for like 3 days already :(. I've read this error has happened a lot before but haven't seen any answer from blizzard. I hope they fix it soon.
This is happening to me as well, and I don't know how to fix it.
i have the same problem...i cannot access my nova portrait now!! :'(
nevermind, my achievements were just restored after a random discconection.

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