The Reawakened War

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IC: Lotus looks at Scythe for a few seconds. She thanked any god/goddess that she had her helmet on. She checks her 10mm to see if it had ammo in it. "You have ten seconds to get away from me before I test this on you." Lotus says while waving the gun towards him. She felt sick to her stomach and couldn't tell if it was becuase of the cyro or Scythe trying out pick up lines
Scythe chuckles and backs away, putting both hands up. "Easy, now." He says, smiling. "Just tryin to make friends tha's all."
IC: Lotus walks away from Scythe and tests out her armor. It felt like she had worn it her whole life.
OOC: like I had manors and I wouldn't try to pick them up. let them get aclimated maybe try to get on their good side spend a bit of time with em.

I walk over to the guy that had agreed with me earlier. "Acting like that ain't gonna get you anywhere man." I then go over to the girl. "Might I ask your name?"
I snort at Scythe as I reload my revolver, checking the barrel for blockage. "If by friends, you mean bed buddies, then yeah, I believe you."
"My memory encompasses little to none. Just fighting, names, and something about..." He ponders for a second, trying to find a good word, and settles with, "powers." His voice was quite low. He walks forward, quickly being able to move. He soon noticed he was slightly bulkier of a build than the others.

Collisio looks at the man who had spoken. "I don't seem to remember much. How to point a gun, how to speak, and my, well I guess it wouldn't be a name..." She stands up, wincing slightly, her entire body felt very stiff. She hesitantly took a few steps.

Ardeo shrugs. "I don't remember sh!t. Though I can think of something I have a passion for," he says, eyeing the females, "burning things to the ground." He says unexpectedly. He strides a bit before stopping, within his armor his face was contorted, but he overcame the pain from the movement after so long of doing nothing.
Scythe, still smarting, and still smiling watches Lotus walk away briefly. "Yeah well, he says, smirking to Grinder. "You take what you can get." before running in place and practicing aiming more with his sniper rifle. He fires several silenced shots at a dent in the wall, each shot going through nearly the same hole. "Now tha's more like it" he says with a small grin.
IC: " I know my code name is Lotus but I'm not sure what my real name is. How about you" She says as she pulls off her helmet to show long brown hair, brown eyes with light golden glitter as eye shadow. Her skin was very pale from what seemed to be years of wearing combat armor.
"Grinder is all I can remember besides how to use my weapons and the basics of humanity." Holstering the pistol, I reach back and pull out a compound bow as it unfolds, testing the draw string. "Anyone remember what all these suits of ours do?"
I take off my helmet before replying. "Codename Magneton, I think my last name is Zareese but I don't remember my first. I smile softly to assure her I wasn't trying to get in her pants ... yet anyway and only if she wanted it. My brown eyes sparkle with curiosity and fear of what was to come. I look over my shoulder to Grinder. "Nope not a thing."
"No idea" I say to Grinder. "Hell, I don't even remember my birthday. Nope... wait it's today. Hope y'all got me something." I say jokingly
"I believe they are the source of the powers..." Gravitas says in response to Grinder, pulling out his mace briefly, the metal thick and durable, as well being fledged, the little pieces being quite sharp. He glares at Scythe for a second. "You think this is a joke?"
Reaching back to the quiver, I draw a broad headed arrow and draw back, putting it in the wall dead center of Scythe's shots, but not without just barely missing his head. "There's what I got ya."
IC: Lotus smiled at Magneton as she reaches into a pouch near the middle of her chest and pulls out some thin framed glasses. "Oh no wonder everything was blurry without my helmet." She says while she puts her glasses on. "Nice to meet you Magneton.. lest you have better manners then him" She says pointing to scythe
"Whoa, easy there, Robin Hood." I say. "There's no need to be embarrassed. We all forget birthdays from time to time."
I chuckle. "Heh I think I remember trying that once long ago ... and pain shortly afterwards." I shake my head to clear away the muddled memory. "Eh who really cares about that. You doing OK?"
Walking over to the wall, I easily draw the arrow out, placing it back in the quiver as I put the bow back in it's place. Next I drew the claymore on my back. "Here's a beauty of a weapon here," I say as I turn the weapon in my hand, letting the light play along it's edges.
IC: Lotus checks other pouches on her suit while she listens to magneton. "I'm fine lest I think I am.. Hearing about our home system is affecting me yet I don't know why I can't remeber anything about it"
"Indeed." I say. "Though you reckon you could take down a roach with that thing? Seems sort of... impractical."
Gravitas glares upon the two, slight anger flames within him. They were acting very immature. He sighs and continues striding.

Collisio was disgusted with this man, Scythe. She shakes her head and pulls out her assault rifle, checking the magazine.

Ardeo chuckles at the exchange and walks over to Grinder. "Hey there. So, do you hold grudges?"

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