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Not all of us have that kind of time Vultureling. (Besides, I prefer the writing, more fun)
"Ya... I doubt that they would just let us walk out of here. I would also prefer that they never take up their experiments again. Knowledge without the morality to temper it is always a great danger."
I prefer the writing, more fun


IC: I shake my head looking to the siblings. I had felt an attempt at a controlling presence and knew it came from the girl. I wonder if she is just scared.
I hum to myself as three more of my children come out to play. They start buzzing around the room, chasing one another, playing a game of tag.
I feel the pressure but pay no heed to it. I wipe my arm across my eyes and slowly climb to my feet. My face still showed the signs of crying, but I smile. "H-hi everyone."
I arch an eyebrow;
"Y'ello. Care to explain what that little outburst of yours was all about?"
I ask bluntly.
"He's been crying" she says, a little indignant about the treatment he's getting. "what's wrong?" she asks, as she gets up and walks over to him.
I shrug;
"Just asking."
"Um..." I manage to get out, unsure how to explain Atrox. "Well, um, there was something trying to make me do something I don't want to do..."
"Like an evil alter ego?"
I sigh;
"Why am I not surprised..."
The girl looked at Raine. The one that looked right into her eyes. Not exactly staring at her own brother... But at this girl, this Raine.

That was when Jeremy snapped her out of it with a light punch to the shoulder to get her attention. "There must be a way to reverse this... even if it's just you..."
Suddenly, the inhabitants of the room heard loud, heavy footsteps in the hallway outside the door, and after several seconds, the harsh sounds of doors beings slammed open one by one and Terran speech became audible.

OCC: What's cortex? :P
I curse;
"That can't be good.. Everybody find cover!"
I snap, quickly searching for a spot myself.
Shila couldn't send her thoughts quickly enough when Jeremy began to drag her again and she fought back this time. Drawing blood as it hit the floor. Hissing. She went back into her corner as Jeremy tried again. Failing time after time.
"Cortex Roleplay is a system where you use (often customized) units to create stories."

"Um, not exactly evil..." I say in response. "More like... Primal." I was about to agree to the alter ego part when I hear the footsteps. "No, no, no. I just pushed him back..." I quickly duck into the small technician's office and hide under the desk(s).
Wasting no time, I jump up into the rafters, concealing myself in their shadows.
I stand up and walk toward a spot, ducking down in the shadows, out of sight. My children return to me and remain quiet.
I shift into my own preferred form and back myself into the corner as best I can. My carapace changes so it blends with the walls and floor causing me to completely disappear unless you were to bump into me.
The sounds of the Terrans going door to door grows louder and louder, until it stops in directly outside the room. Attempts to open the door were met with curses from the humans outside.

"What the !&@#, it's jammed." one says.

"Well then let's open 'er up, dumb@ss!"

Something huge begins impacting the door.

It goes again, and with one final impact the door comes crashing down. Silhouetted in the doorway were two Dominion marines, fully suited up.
"Search the room." one says, and they both walk forwards into the room and begin searching.

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