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I got a new computer and lost all achievement for arcade games. how can I transfer them from old computer and what files would need to be transfered?
Achievements should be stored on the Battle.net servers.

Are you logging into a different region? I don't think achievements carry over to different regions.
For those of you that might spam this question, please don't and read this first!

I know this is old, but I don't think Machkhan understood what you meant.

He's talking about Blizzard account based achievements. Those do NOT transfer over if you change regions. Gotta' completely redo those sorry, but they do stay on your main account a.k.a region.

What I believe that you're talking about is the Arcade games themselves such as Probes vs Zealots 2 or Squadron Tower Defense. Those are saved ONLY to the computer that you're on. I have heard of ways to recover it, but it's a hack and is easily detected by Blizzard if used idiotically.

Most likely if you absolutely need to use it because let's say, in PvZ 2 you's S-44 as probe and S-15 as Z, but you got a new computer. You should ask Blizzard FIRST if you can use the hack. Because I personally know how time consuming that Arcade game is. I'm at 113 games as a Probe and only S-5 (each game can go from 40 minutes- 2 hours).

There is a VERY high chance they will deny you being able to use the hack. So I suggest just starting over and being a "smurf."

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