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Hi Starcraft community! Are you guys ready to rumble?

Pros :
    1-Very strong 2 base timing (stim,+1,8 mines and bio)

    2-Transitions well into a third

    3-Makes zerg players cry

Cons :
    1-It's a 2 base push, If you don't do damage good luck (Odds are you will do damage, I always do)

    2-Transitions well into a third

    3-Widow mine might get nerfed because the power of QQ is stronger

The build :
12 rax
16 oc
17 cc
17 supply depot
19 double gas
factory @100 gas
reactor barrack @50 gas

Note : From there, there is 3 transition possible

Note : If you smell any sort of all-in or pressure build for example :
1- Roach pressure into 3rd
2- Roach pressure into more roaches
3- Zergling-Baneling
4- Zergling-Baneling-Roaches

You scratch the widow mines and go straight for tanks (when factory finishes you make a tech lab and you produce 2 marines at a time)
From this you can get an easy third (It's a build I would use in WoL instead of going 1-1-1 hellion-banshee)
Or you can go for a 3 tank marine with stim or CS with +1 push where you add 2 barracks when you get the 300 mineral when factory is still under construction (if you go CS it pushes sooner but you need good micro)

add 2 more barrack when factory is Under construction
add an eBay (more information in the replay)
widow mine-marine-marauder push

add 2 more barrack when factory is Under construction
add an eBay
hellion-marine-marauder push

More to come
i like the build but i usually 15 gas, cc then factory/reactor for hellions quicker i like to prevent droning as early as possible :P sometimes if things go well ill make a 3rd cc while they are worrying about not dying to hellions,
Don't you get roll over when they go for early all-in pressure builds?
as im making hellion, i get another factory for tanks, then just use my bunker at the front with supply depots. tanks at the back, and start making mines instead of hellions,

mine splash+tanks splash with a wall is good against roach, and if they just have lings and banes, then i wouldnt let them get to my base, from constantly kiting with hellions at their base.

but ill play really aggressive with the hellions so i can usually see that coming have a lot of time to prepare and decide if i wanna make that quick 3rd or not.

its not a 100% foolproof strat, just something ive been doing because im starting to play mech in every matchup from watching htomario
This is pretty cool. Thanks!
This is pretty cool. Thanks!

No problemo :D
Your build is actually weaker than my reaper opener.

I make 2 reapers, get pretty fast reactored hellions, can deal with almost any all in, and get a super fast +1 and fast medivacs, as well as a decently timed third. I also have replays beating people up to around 1k masters level :P
Then maybe you should post a replay and tell us when it hits :P

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