The Reawakened War (Pt 2)

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I nod. "Sure Lotus." I say as I head of to the elevator.
Cicle walks out of the elevator and goes to the right. "Near the Ops Room. Just follow me, I don't know if Manta is busy or not."
"Alright." I follow Cicle, making sure not to loose sight of her.
I come out of another elevator and look around. I see the others going somewhere and follow not entirely sure where I was heading just yet.

I follow Cicle closely.
Cicle continues walking until she stops in front of a door. Above the door, the words OPERATIONS ROOM were put up, and a green light was underneath it. Cicle looks up, then looks forward, moving forward as well. The door opens in front of the group to reveal a large room, with monitors all over the far wall, and a large grey table in the center of the room on a slightly raised platform. Off to the right, a door with the words SUIT ENGINEERING BAY, with a red light underneath it, and a window off to the right of the door. On the left, a door with the words PERSONAL QUARTERS above it, and another red light.
I note where everything is then approach the table. "So...I take it this is where we receive missions."
I slowly walked behind the others. Keeping a good distance just in case. My mouth was covered. "I'm going to need a new mask by the way..."
"No, you will be updated on objectives in-field and en-route. That is usually how it works, unless we have an assassination mission." Cicle turns to Testament, and sighs. "Hang on, let me go see if Manta is busy." She walks over to the SUIT ENGINEERING BAY window, and peers in.
Assassinations? Man, maybe I was on ice a little TOO long... Shaking my head, I look around, reviewing the screens.
Cicle knocks on the glass, and after a few seconds, nods. She turns away from the window, and goes to learn on a wall. She sighs and stares off.

Most of the monitors appear to be random jumble of statistics. On the left, four monitors going up and down appear to have a list of names, those still in Cyrostasis. On the right, there is eight monitors set up, with a massive list of names, too small to read. Above it, it reads Gymir/Hilfur Roster. The number of names was almost depressing. One monitor, very top row and in the center, has six names, and at the top, it says Grandmasters.
I read over the list of Grandmasters, making sure to commit each name to memory.

The monitor read. The door opens and the sound of footsteps are heard. Manta appears on a chair, along with another Gehha Warrior. The warrior walks off while Manta moves toward a nearby wall, interacting with a console on the wall. A mask deploys from the wall, and she tosses it deftly to Testament.
IC: Lotus was a bit depress. She didn't like being useless like this. Lotus also was worried about what her teammates would think about her since she was sick. She tired to get some sleep but kept worrying.
Hearing the door, I turn around, facing Manta. "So I take it you're the one who woke us up?"
"Yes." Manta replies simply.
"Thanks. I guess." I stand silently for a moment before finally sighing, shaking my head. "Right, I guess I'll cut straight to the point. We'd all like our modules."
"I am aware. Someone may step into the Engineering Bay, and I will be with you in a second. I need to update our rosters. We saved another group from the Hilfur salvaging teams, just in time." Manta says, then moves toward the monitors. She starts typing, changing out the roster list. Cicle walks over to Manta, looking at the list.
Taking the initiative, I step into the engineering pay and wait, rotating my arm. The shoulder was still feeling stiff, but it would recover.
"We saw Harpy again." Cicle whispers, and Manta stops typing for a second before continuing to type. Cicle walks away, and goes over to the table, turning on the hologram unit. After a few seconds, Manta moves away from the monitors and into the Engineering Bay.
I catch the mask with ease as I slip it on over my face. The filter going over my nose and mouth. A steady flow of air finally seeped out... No longer green meaning it was safe. "Thank you. Isn't easy being around anyone when I don't have a mask on..."

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