The Reawakened War (Pt 3)

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Getting up, I look at my hands, a familiar yellow glow temporarily covering them before fading away;
"Thanks. It's good to have that back. I believe you had a question for me?"
"You have the option to be attached to a squad which will be deploying with Cicle soon. I believe you already know a few of their members. The choice is yours." Manta says, putting tools away.
"I'm in. When's the briefing?"
I ask without hesitation.
I spot her and approach warily, tapping her on the shoulder. "Mind if I have a quick word?"
"Hanger 5, when all the members of the squads get there." Manta says, heading back to the Ops Room.

The female Warrior turns to face Grinder, and says "Speak. We have time to burn still, it seems."
"Thanks again."
I say, giving her a salute before heading to the hanger.
"I noticed during the King of the Hill match you were using a module like mine. I know it isn't the only one out there, but do you have a rough idea on how many more might be out there? Just a guess."
The female Warrior shrugs. "I've seen maybe.....eight or nine others with the module. There may be more, but I am unsure. We haven't recovered the temple, which Manta says houses a large amount of sleeping Gehha."
I nod, thinking on that. "Thanks. Oh, and I noticed your abilities are different from my own."
The female Warrior nods, saying nothing.
Feeling suddenly awkward, I turn and walk towards a crate, intending to sit and wait.
Entering the hanger, I look around and head over to Magneton, Lotus and Stalker, light unconsciously playing about my hands.
NIkku walked down the hall, into the briefing room.
[DM note: All RPers moved to Hanger 5, if they aren't there already.]

Cicle glances over the gathered teams, eyeing them as if to judge them. She clears her throat, getting everyone's attention. "Listen up! As you may or may not know, we have discovered the Cyro-stasis pod of a Grand Master, on the surface of the planet we know as Mars. We are going to go down there and recover the pod before they destroy it, or ship it off to one of their space stations. Squad One-" Cicle gestures to the other squad, to her left, "....will be deployed to recover the pod and defend it until Squad Two-" Cicle gestures to the squad on her right (RPers) "....can knock out the Anti-Air guns. Once they are knocked out, transports with Gunship escorts will do an emergency landing and extraction." She scans the individuals and says "Any questions?"
"We have a time limit on this or can we be thorough?"
"Squad Two will be on a time limit, as the Hilfur have a significant garrison here, and can overwhelm Squad One. Don't let yourself get bogged down in a long firefight, otherwise, Squad One will be killed." Cicle says.

I was nervous, not really wanting to be with the others right now. There had to be some way I could contribute without bringing... some harm to my fellow troops. "How many Grand Masters are there total on this planet?" I ask, it was a good question. We didn't know the motives behind these people... I didn't anyway. "And... how reinforced are the guns?" I really needed that one Grand Master to awaken... The one that could help me.
"There is only one Grand Master here on this planet. As I said to Grinder, the Hilfur have a significant garrison here, but once Squad One hits, they'll start diverting troops to the pod to defend or recover it. There won't be very many defending the guns, but they will be on edge." Cicle says.
Nikku raised his hand. "Hilfur communications? Should we take those down, or just head in hot.?"
"Won't matter. They'll know we're at the pod, trying to recover it, and shutting it down would draw attention." Cicle says.

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