Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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"Ah." I say a tiny bit put off but I shake my head deciding that for now I should just stay up in the academy. I do sort of want to stay but I don't want to push too much. "Well unless you need my help with anything ... I guess I should head on back." I sigh about to turn around and head back.

I giggle quietly at Sam while I continue to read.
I stop as ice formed the part of the cavern Jake was going to walk through to get back to the academy. "Not so fast... How about we stay a while longer... You know, setting up the energy field. With two people it will be easier and much more effective."
I stop before I step onto the ice and turn back to Cynthia. "Sure." I say before stepping onto an Ion shield and following her. "Want a ride?" I ask offering my hand.
I was confused yet curious as I grabbed it. Not completely sure of what was going to happen. "Why do you want me to grab your hand?"
IC: Sam shakes his head before getting back up and sitting next to Tari. "Well I'll see if I can't find it later. Any idea how long we've been here?"
"This might be a bit unsettling at first." I say as the we raise into the air on the slightly blue but mostly clear Ion Shield. It was only a few feet but it certainly beat walking. "So where to?"

"No." I say simply. "I've been rather engrossed in this book so I haven't watched the time."
IC: "Must be very good book then" Sam says in a friendly tone as he pulled out his PDA. "Sorry to bug you but I found two movies I thought we could watch tonight. I picked up Army of Darkness and I married a Bannling."
"It's actually two miles from here and this feels weird. You really can't miss it. It's a cove in the rock with some trees and other lush greens near it. Almost like a coven perhaps." I say, feeling slightly sick from the sudden raise but feeling better now.
I start the shield off toward the cove at a somewhat brisk pace. Not so fast that the wind would blow us off but faster than walking and with a soft breeze. "You OK? I almost lost my lunch the first time I did this with my Ion Shield. Its not the most conventional use of it but I don't always like to play by the rules."

"Hmm Army of Darkness sounds like it might be good."
I laughed as I almost threw up, regaining the control of my body again. "Yeah! I'm fine. Almost lost it back there. And this is quite neat even if it is different and strange at first.""
IC: "Ok I'll make sure to check both movies out just incase one is a flop" Sam says as a his PDA rings for a second. "Hmm what does she want this time?"
I chuckle. "Yeah well be glad this isn't my first time with this trick." I put my arm around Cynthia's shoulder to comfort her and hopefully help her get used to the pseudo flying. I spot the little cove and gently change direction heading for it. "Looks like we're here."

I place a book mark and close the book setting it to the side my curiosity peaking. "Whats up?"
I gave a smirk as we landed. Feeling his warmth as he felt my cold skin underneath my suit. "Then let's set up this field and you can be on your way if you want to."
IC: "Being paged by one of the doctors in medbay.. the one I took that mouse to she says there is a package waiting for me there... I didn't order anything did you?" Sam asks while thinking
I shake my head. "No. I wonder what it is."

"OK. How should we go about setting up this field then?" I ask looking around and doing a quick search for electronics we didn't bring. "This is kind of nice. Wish I could stay down here."
"Just help me expand some basic psionics while masking the energy signature. Think of it like a nebula. Electronics can't find what's in the cloud. And if you want... You could tell them that you are helping me do some research... And we'll have more privacy than back at the academy so we can talk. Trust me... Destron the Zerg? He's a nosy !@#$%^-."
IC: "This could be a trap... I think she is still mad about me beating her at a game of cards. I'm going to go see what it is if I'm not back in two hours come in guns a blazing." Sam says before leaning in to kiss Tari bye.
I return the kiss for a moment before Sam pulls back and heads off. "I'd rather not have to."

I nod and chuckle slightly. "Eh I'd just fry Destron honestly. I think I will tell them that I'm helping you with some research. Actual privacy ... sounds nice." I say as I help Cynthia create the 'psionic nebula'.
Damn eet War, leave ze ship!!
I gave a wink as I helped create it as well. Placing it around as it filled 23 feet of square feet. "Yes, I love privacy when I can get it. No one can really bug us here. It'll be perfect! For me anyway."

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