Should I get SC2 or Command & Conquer UC

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So I'm starting to get into RTS games and I was wondering if I should get Starcraft 2, with expansion for $60 or Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection with 17 games for $30 ?

I've ran the starter edition of SC2 and I can only really run it on low - medium settings with a few hiccups here and there. I haven't tried C&C though.

SC2 is interesting, but I'm not so sure about getting it and it running well for bigger battles (4v4)

Anyone got any opinions on what I should invest in? SC2 or C&C? Or another game perhaps? I've been playing WC3, but the in game servers are laggy over there.

In case you need these or it matters my computer settings are:
GT220 1GB
AMD Athlon II x2 245 Regor @ 2.9ghz.
500GB HDD.
Windows 7 64Bit.

I also plan to play whatever I get online in multiplayer. That's a must for any game I play.
Wow those specs are pretty weak.

Keep in mind where you're asking, though.

As for multiplayer, I think the vast majority of C&C games are mostly dead online, whereas Starcraft is extremely active (Arcade, Ladder, Custom Games). I don't think many (if any) RTS games match how active SC2 is. I think Company of Heroes is somewhat active, but nowhere near as active as SC.
Yeah. I just decided to get both and hope my computer can handle them alright for the most part.
A friend kept bothering me to get SC2 which is why I considered it in the first place.

If it runs too bad. At least I'll have it when I get a decent computer.
With your specs, you'll be able to run SC2, but on minimum, maybe a little higher.

As for C&C, you'll be able to run all of the old stuff pretty well. Everything from C&C 3 and up you'll have to run on moderate to low graphics..

The good thing about SC2 is Blizz stuck to the same general concept of SC1, so it's not as demanding as you would think, but not practical joke low.

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