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Will the incorrect match results be retroactively fixed whenever the bug is fixed?
What the heck blizzard now my matches aren't even loading at all. Its like I never played the match at all. Please fix this, the issue has been going on for far too long now.
I hope so, but I don't know how they would find these old games individually and correct them if they can't get a patch together in two months.....
I was so excited when I finally won 4Zv4Z and was ready to relish in my achievement when this issue occurred. WTF, Blizz? This can't be that hard to fix. Clearly you don't care?
This happens almost every match for me. I don't get any experience, it counts as a loss... it just sucks. Blizzard, please fix this! You could easily look at your database and understand how often this occurs! Fix it already!
after every match i win , it takes 5 minutes to load on the score board and once its finis loading . It said you have left the game ... Blizzard is a big company , cant believe they actually let this happen .
Yes, this is getting old.

VERY old.

Please fix this Blizzard. It is very frustrating, as 4v4 is my favorite game type, but you have no control over what races others are going to be, so there's no way to guarantee you won't have five or more of the same race. And although this is doubted to be the cause, I can definitely say that it seems to me like the games I get a loss when I should get a win do indeed have 5 or more of the same race.

We believe we have identified what was causing this issue and have a fix that we hope to apply in a future update. Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on your experiences regarding this bug, it really helped to narrow down what was triggering the fake losses.

At this time it looks like Games that have 5 or more of the same race that last over 10 minutes are triggering this issue. Thank you for your patience while we get this fix ready.

I just completed a 4v4 random ranked match where although I experienced the disconnect issue at the end, I still got the victory credit. I also verified my teammates profile after the match and they also got victory credit. The match lasted 41:52. Map was Writhing Morass. Team composition was:
Team 1
  • Random (Protoss)
  • Protoss
  • Terran
  • Protoss
  • Team 2
  • Protoss
  • Protoss
  • Random (Zerg, me)
  • Zerg

  • At approximately 29 min into the match the client reported that P1 left the game. At approximately 40 min into the match the client reported that P2, P4 and P5 left the game. At the end of the match the client reported that P3 left the game and P6, P7 and P8 were victorious. At that time I got the "waiting for player X" disconnect window, and the surrender window. I waited for the countdown to end and then I got the "you were dropped window". I chose to go to the score screen where I waited for a few minutes until the results loaded, which reflected that I have received credit for the victory.
    Another loss when our team won the game.

    Post game everyone shows as zerg.
    Another loss when our team won the game. Says I disconnected, but I had the victory screen.

    5 protoss, 2 zerg & 1 terran player.

    Post game everyone shows as zerg.
    Just happened to me now (again, this time on the WoL expansion level). While this is the only one I have documented, I know it has occured 3 other times in my matches.
    7 toss, 1 zerg

    Will these all be verified/fixed at some point, or are we stuck with the losses, despite evidence that we won the game?
    Played 9 games of hots 4v4 today and got 2 losses from games that we won.
    It's getting on my nerves as I'm trying to get back to masters in 4v4 (no idea why I got demoted in the first place) and I get 7 wins and 2 losses and it gets counted as 5 wins and 4 losses.
    It's such a simple thing as well, you made the freaking game blizz, how can it take months to fix an issue that simple.

    and btw, this happened on my EU character (same name)
    Just had this issue twice, first time there were 5 protoss. Second time there were 6 terrans.

    This has been going on for a while, find a fix!
    Does anyone know if the thing that shows as a loss even though you won account to your MMR? Its so frustrating winning 16 games straight and two counts as losses.... Searching random 4v4...... Trying to rank up in league here.......................
    According to this sticky, this problem has been going on for at LEAST 2 months. Most likely 2.5-3 months considering the time it took for them to be aware enough to MAKE the sticky.

    How the hell is this not fixed? This is a game-breaking bug and hurts player rankings to a very popular and competitive game. It should not take this long.

    You've ruined WoW, you've ruined Diablo, and now you're ruining Starcraft.

    I'm about done with Blizzard as a whole.
    This problem is ruining 4v4 for me. I've lost about half a dozen wins now.

    please fix!
    07/08/2013 03:50 PMPosted by RabidDog
    According to this sticky, this problem has been going on for at LEAST 2 months. Most likely 2.5-3 months considering the time it took for them to be aware enough to MAKE the sticky.

    Naw, it's been about two months since the patch that introduced this issue (2.0.8 - 7 May 2013).

    It's taking longer than I expected for them to release the next bug-fix patch though... I expected about 5-7 weeks.

    Hopefully, we'll get a whole lot of bug-fixes at once.
    Yep. I've stopped playing 4v4 now. Sucks, because I love those maps, but no matter how good you play, you have a good chance to get a loss despite winning.

    Aren't we all glad we cannot play multiplayer WITHOUT the magnificent BATTLE.NET servers??

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