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Blizzard pls answer:
How many people are currently working to fix the problem?
There are also some programmers or just a doorman?
zzzzzz so frustrating.
Finally happened to me on ladder today (WoL). It drops every time 4v4 ai, but this is the first time for me on ladder. 4 toss vs 3 toss 1 random (terran). 3 toss & random team won. Dropped us from the game after we won. Game was 22 mins long. The other team had 1 assimilator left and only one player left in the game for the other team. Not sure if we killed it or he left first, but it dropped us after. Didn't show up in match history for a couple of minutes. But the replay was there right away. Replay worked fine. When if finally showed in match history. It appeared as a loss and it showed that everyone was zerg. it also wouldn't load the graphs, units or build orders of the match. At the top of the page it also says i have left the game....... *sigh*

map: District 10
As for my win loss ratio, on ladder it doesn't show as a loss, not sure if it affected the bonus pool, and i'm not sure, but i don't think it showed up as a win either.
I think they've just dismissed the issue? We've been through a few patch updates since this problem was brought up and identified and there's still no fixes yet.
It's a simple fact, guys.

Blizz doesn't care, they take our money at the door and since we don't pay for they're like "screw 'em."

It's a league-breaking bug, and Blizzard simply does not care. Just like they don't care that they released a shoddy product in HotS, both in terms of the units (where half the ones they were going to add failed and they had to scrap literally half the expansion) and the campaign (which was every bit as godawful and embarassing as the WoL campaign.)

Look to the quality (or lack thereof) of Diablo III to get a glimpse of how shoddy this company has become. Don't expect a fix to this bug anytime soon.

You should really be ashamed, Blizzard. I hope Activision runs you into the ground.
Blizzard is too busy furiously coding away and developing ALL NEW bugs for the next release. You know, that warp prism upgrade also introduced new bugs like 1v1 disappearing from a matchmaking choice.

I dunno... I propose we list the top 10 reasons Blizzard hasn't fixed the issue:

10) They took the !@#$ filters off the firewall and people are distracted.
9) They're all playing League of Legends
8) They're looking to get increased page views on bug report forums...

Anybody else?
Are you kidding me? Still no fix on this, it has been 2 patches now, if you know what the issue is and how to fix it, why haven't you done so????? This is pretty terrible support.
I am losing more from this bug than anything else. Switching to 3v3.
07/16/2013 06:31 PMPosted by LegoGrego
9) They're all playing League of Legends


Really what makes it so funny is how vastly more popular that wretched abomination of a game is than Starcraft II.
Encountered this bug the first time today. And this bug is 2 months old. What have they been doing?
Hi Fellas:

It seems to happen with all races and even Arcade Mods too. I've been having this 2 problems since 2 months ago; when trying to get the achievement 4v4 vs Harder AI Kin at the end when I win the game the score and experience earned screen wont appear, it just keeps loading and after 40 seconds or 50 a Defeat screen appears even when I win the match against those 4 protoss AI harder enemies. Every single time is the same I also tried with another pc and another internet connection with no changes at all, I keep losing no matter that.

And the second issue is similar but playing arcade mode Star Battle if the team I'm with wins the match after we won the game seems to freeze or lagged out and I got kicked with the defeat screen. I've tried clicking the score screen after the matched is won before it lags out and freezes but still lose the match when we actually won.

Hope I explained my self correctly. Any suggestions besides checking my internet connection and the router's config, flushing DNS? My game is up to date with the latest patch.
Please fix soon, the same happened to me as it happened to Tinglyloard. It happened for two games in a row and I haven't played since. I doubt I'll make it to masters like this :(
Twice in the last two days, my team won a game and we all exited out by clicking "View Score Screen." Despite having won the game (which is also evident by watching the replay or seeing that all 4 members of our team outscored our opponents), the games show up as losses in our Match History and deduct from our bonus pool.

*Note, both games were 4v4 at Deadlock Ridge - perhaps there is a pattern with that map.

Any effort towards fixing this, Blizzard?
this will never be fixed....
Release the update already wow
I played a game on 6/21/13 as zerg with 3 medium zerg AI team mates against (if I remember correctly) 4 zerg medium AI opponents in a custom 4v4 game. The game last about an hour and I did not have any problems at the score screen. As of a few days ago I am been consistently experience the issue at hand in 4v4 with all zerg on harder AI . All of my 4v4 games with all zerg have been on the lava canyon map. My question is could there have been a patch release after 6/21 that may have introduced this bug?
Blizzard, don't put unachievable achievements in your game. It defeats the purpose. pls fix, or refund
We just wanted to give a bit of an update on this issue. We've identified the cause and have a fix ready which should be applied in the next patch. As usual I can't provide a timeline of when a patch will be applied but it should be Soon(tm). We're sorry this has lasted for so long but the fix proved to be more complex than initially anticipated. We thank you all for your patience.
That's a great news. Thank you for the update.
YAY! HOPE RESTORED! fingers crossed on the new patch! Also, it would have been nice to have an update more then once every 2 months. But at least you gave us one, thx.

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