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None of my placement matches did this but every match after did. Hope that helps!
Blizzard, I will not give you a mindless rant. I would bet you know that you are really pissing off paying customers, but because it is a great game, many will hang around if you get it fixed. The problem is that, for me at least, the problem of wins counting as losses did not start until the last patch. The last patch appears to have made it worse. Also, a very few of my wins in 4X4 actually counted as wins, Spotty, and can't figure out how those games were different.
All wins are showing as loss. Posts are labeled loss w/undecided.
This started for me after patch 2.0.10. Never had a problem before that :-(
Been having the same problem, should have leveled up a while ago but stuck at 49 no experience points gained, also getting stuck in crappy leagues simply because every game win or lose is a LOSS. Hope it gets fixed soon.

I have won the last 3 4v4 games. All of them froze when loading the score scree. After I close the score screen my match history shows a loss. All the races on the score screen are Zergs.
first game I play after patch and it happens again...
08/04/2013 11:38 AMPosted by starwarsnerd
i love how this is a known bug and people are still flipping

Known to people who browse these forums, which is probably less than a single percentage of the battlenet population.
i am just gonna add my condition of the issue. during 4v4, players will disconnect from the game. The other issue is that in 4v4 none of the wins are being recorded and it just states in my match history that "you left the game", even after i let the game idle for a couple hours. I noticed too that the game lags a lot now.

I refuse now to ladder on my 1v1 since this issue seems to be after the patch was released to enhance replays. I feel that this is nice except the 4v4 now is unplayable at this point.

I know i have restated most of the issues that are in this thread, I just wanted to reiterate the issue to show that it is now a common issue. This has repeat through ALL my games since the patch.

Anyway Blizzard, thank you for your continued efforts to make this game more entertaining and continuing to strive for better games. I hope that Activision does not force more oversight on Blizzard as well since their company views do not align with customer views currently. Your standards and quality are still better than theirs, even with the issues that show up in your games.
Wow this is fing pathetic, i don't even like 4v4s all that much but this a serious problem that's been going on for days and blizzard still hasn't patched it.. Now that's pathetic...
yeah mine started after the new patch and lately iv'e won every single game and they all count as losses. me and my friend are getting annoyed because we are not able to level up. BLIZZARD! PLZ FIX THIS!
Wow. Can't create ANY games of ANY kind right now. And you're working on fixing the game creation issues.



How far you have fallen, Blizzard. All night, not even being able to play any multiplayer games, nor any single player games that will have stats/achievements that count. WHY?


4v4 play broken for MONTHS. Now all online play is broken. What is left to play when nearly all your games require an always on internet connection to your servers???
Better fix it before WCS in 9 hours or that will be pretty embarrassing.
Posted by "AntiSora" (page 22) :

3-You win the games you win and lose the games you lose, just because the game says you lost doesn't magically remove what happened in the game, so you can still have fun winning games.
4-It's 4v4, why not play some 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 instead until thebug is fixed? Worried about league points? Play unranked 4v4 instead. Or maybe play the campaign on hard thats fun. Then you can play it again on brutal for a whole new experience. Or you could go for some of hte harder achievements. If all of that bores you (impossible) there's always the arcade, where there are literally hundreds if not thousands of fun games to try. Blizzard is not stealing your money, 4v4 is such a small portion of the game...try something else instead for awhile.

Honestly, I don´t think you´re very smart. I don´t know how familiar you are with company-customer issues but your argument that the game has way more options than 4v4 for us to use lacks both a solid ground base and common sense. The fact that you (obviously) don´t care for 4v4 (or whatever feature we would be discussing) doesn´t mean there isn´t people that DO care just as much as other people care for 1s or whatever... About 4v4, about getting the corresponding points / MMR reward for their wins and not to mention promotions to higher leagues.

According to your argument, Blizzard could well lay back for weeks, months, or even years without fixing 4v4 and everything would be just "fine" cause we simply go play "something else" and forget about everything. It´s not how the world works son. Get outside your little childish bubble. Thank you.

Seriously, one of the most awkward comments I´ve read in my entire life. But again, probably written by a 10 year old. So it´s ok.
i thought i would add to my previous post
here is a video link showing what occurs during and after the match for the 4v4 games
Lads cmon, it's been like 2 weeks now.

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